Daylene Rio – Sweater Girl

Sweater Girl

On a trip to visit her friends at SCORE, super-sex bomb Daylene Rio has just returned from sweater shopping at the mall (where every eye was on her swiveling ass and big bouncing tits) and meets her scene fuck-partner Rocky inside the studio.

Everything is ready for Daylene's scene. Rocky is eager to get started with Daylene and get hands-on and cock-in. Not so fast for Daylene! Normally Daylene is not a tease and denial girl. This time she tells her porn-cock partner that she wants to try on her purchases first on-camera. He can fuck her in a different position for every sweater she tries on.

Daylene tries on a green number. She looks killer. Then a tight, white sweater. An orange cardigan is next. Caressing her bountiful booty and burying his face in her bodaciously big boobs, Rocky is about as interested in Daylene's sweaters as the Pope would be in reading the latest edition of SCORE magazine.

Now that Daylene has tried on her purchases, she opens Rocky's pants to see what he has for her. She puts her mouth on his underwear-covered cock and leaves his briefs wet with her saliva, then pulls out his cockasaurus and, staring at him with her outstretched tongue eager to give him the famed Daylene Rio blow job, sucks it all the way. He got paid for this? Daylene takes turns tit-banging him and sucking him like a vacuum pump.

Now Daylene wants her California Latina pussy filled. She wants to get her fuck on. She sits on his pole, facing him and bounces up and down hard and fast. That's how Daylene wants her sex. Fast, hard, wild and strong.

Daylene's passionate screams fill the room as they swap out to different positions; doggie, missionary and more.

Where does Daylene want his nut? On what part of the royal rack should Rocky release? If we know Daylene, it's gonna be on her lovely face or on her mountainous mams. No matter where, just watching whatever Daylene Rio does produces an erection reaction. Trying on tight sweaters. Sexing. Taking showers. Just walking. Props to this great SCORE Girl.

Sweater Girl

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Brittany O’Neil – Miss O’Neil Will Jerk You Dry Now

Miss O'Neil Will Jerk You Dry Now

If you know a sexy, busty receptionist who looks like Brittany O'Neil and does what Brittany does in this SCORE video, we want to know her name and info as soon as possible. (Contact us at

After playing with her pussy in P.O.V. close-up (God bless the photographer of this video), Brittany tit-fucks and jacks you off with two hands and lots of lube until you spurt like a pipeline geyser in a Texas oilfield. What a mess at the end. What a woman.

Who starts the balls rolling when it comes to sex for Brittany in her off-camera sex life?

"It can go either way," said Brittany. "It's a mutual thing. Or sometimes he'll just be sitting there, and I'll unzip his pants and take his cock out. But I usually like to crawl up on the guy's lap and tease him and get him real hard and touch him through his pants, and then I'll get down on my knees. He's sitting on the couch because I want him to be relaxed, and then I'll start giving him head."

What about size? As a porn star, Brittany fucks a lot of porn studs with bigger than average dicks. Did that turn her into a size queen? "For all you guys out there, don't ever worry about the size. It's not the size. It's how you do it. It really is. It's all about your technique. It's not necessarily the size." The guy in this scene has a regular cock, not a porn cock.

There's a misconception by the public that porn stars are naturally slutty, unpredictably wild women who flash their pussies and tits in public and get out of control. This is a false stereotype of porn girls. If you ever met Brittany, you'd find a woman who is proper, gracious and every inch--every big inch--a class act. You would not think she is a porn star--unless you found yourself in bed with her.

Miss O'Neil Will Jerk You Dry Now

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Kianna Dior – Busty Lady Barber Bangs Customer

Busty Lady Barber Bangs Customer

Ever had a fantasy about fucking that hot female hairstylist you've gone to? We all have. A pretty one with big boobs that she sticks in your face when she leans over you while she cuts your hair. Kianna Dior fits that powerful male sex daydream like she was tailor made for it. Catching her at closing time when everyone has gone home is the right moment. She'll forget about your big head and go for the little head if you play your cards right.

Famous for her zesty, sloppy, drooling blow jobs and jerk jobs, renowned for her tit-screwing skills, talked about for her nasty fuck moves, Kianna is one of the world's hottest porn stars. The Asian beauty (a mix of Chinese, Irish and Scottish) originally from Canada has been rocking the porn world for over ten years.

What's your all-time favorite curse word?
Kianna: Umm...Fuck!

Better lay: Men or Women?
Kianna: Guys. It's hotter with guys.

Does size matter?
Kianna: Yes! Hey, I was just being honest!

How many sex toys would you say that you own?
Kianna: At least 20.

Head: Give or receive?
Kianna: I like to give.

Cum: Swallow or Spit?
Kianna: Both. It depends.

What's better to give: blow jobs, tit jobs or foot jobs?
Kianna: Tit jobs are fun.

What's your favorite position?
Kianna: I like doggie-style. I like being on top. I don't mind reverse-cowgirl if I'm not doing it for too long. Reverse-cowgirl is hard on the legs. It's really a workout. Although I know that guys who like big boobs love that position because they can see my tits and see the guy's cock going in and out of my pussy at the same time.

Growing up, were you a cocktease?
Kianna: All the girls in school hated me because I was a bit of an exhibitionist. I started out being so sweet and innocent, and I don't know what happened. I just wanted to show myself off all the time. Like in my senior year of high school, when I was 18, it got to the point where the teachers were calling my mom. They'd call her and say, 'Did you see what your daughter's wearing today?'"

Busty Lady Barber Bangs Customer

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Saholy – Busty Maid Shaved & Ass-Fucked

Busty Maid Shaved & Ass-Fucked

She liked to be called Sah. Saholy was born July 4, 1976, and, at the time this video was shot, weighed 103 lbs., was 5'3" tall, measured 37-24-36 and wore a 32DD bra. The story of how Sah came to be photographed is offbeat and unusual. One morning in August, 2003, our projects manager let a couple into the building after hearing them ring the doorbell. Sah and her husband didn't e-mail, write or phone in advance. They flew to Miami from Indonesia to visit the States and to see if Sah could shoot for SCORE. They just showed up at our door, cold, which almost never happens.

Fortunately, the studio was not booked the next day and there was a porn-cock available to sex-up Sah. The results were eventually added to the DVD SCORE Xtra #10. Christmas was early.

Her husband was one of those veteran SCORE readers who married the girl of his dreams and liked to see her getting nailed by horny dudes. Dave, one of the editors, came up with the idea of the porn guy Matt shaving off Sah's bush at the same time he's fucking her in the ass and pussy. (It was a little tricky.)

Here's the video concept. With a busty maid like Saholy, the first order of the day is a long blowjob. Then Matt fucked Saholy's juicy hole. Her pussy gripped his cock as it slid in and out, his nuts slapping her on the down-stroke. Saholy cried "Oweee!" in her French-based accent as he thrust deep. It seemed to be her vocal signature, that "Oweee!" Then he entered Sah's ass, which Matt said felt like a velvet vise. The camera operator was not afraid to get within inches of Sah's pussy and asshole.

We don't know what Saholy's doing ten years later but we'll always have this to enjoy and jack to.

Busty Maid Shaved & Ass-Fucked

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Kali West – Beautiful Ho Picked-up For Motel Sex

Beautiful Ho Picked-up For Motel Sex

What makes a beautiful, busty, fresh-faced girl who just graduated from school, want to wear slutty, tight, short, low-cut dresses that show cleavage and long, gold whore boots and want to sell her fresh, pink pussy on the street? What compels her to shamelessly ask total strangers in back alleys and desolate streets if they want to fuck her perfect mouth, natural big tits and tight, young cunt in a motel room for money and never see her again?

We don't know but we like to watch them do it as our adults-only fuckumentary "Beautiful Ho Picked-up For Motel Sex" dramatizes this reality with the participation of the lovely and talented Kali West and a lucky porn-schmuck. It's part of a planned series of fuckumentaries called "Balling For Dollars."

We watch Kali in an alley adjust her clothing, unmindful of any stray pedestrians or drivers who may be watching her. She lounges by the dumpster, a shocking location for a beautiful angel to spend her day and evening fishing for clients she can service. What kind of filthy animals can she expect to find in this forsaken place? Sleazy dudes with a few hundred they earned from selling their sperm and have a few pints left to spray on a hooker's body and face. Why, Kali? Why? Don't go with that man. Our protests go unheeded.

Watch in growing excitement as this trick has his way with this gorgeous, delicate flower in a pervert's motel, fucking her pussy and mouth on dirty sheets still damp from the previous whore and her client. She has one of the most talented pussies and throats a man could want to pump. So innocent... so nasty.

Beautiful Ho Picked-up For Motel Sex

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Lori Pleasure – Busty Sex-Bot

Busty Sex-Bot

"Hello, my name is Lori Pleasure. I am your busty sexbot."

"I am built to empty your balls at your command."

"Touch the X key to activate my program... "

In a lab hidden deep within an abandoned warehouse, a relentless scientist labors over the realization of his feverish fantasy. Having given up on busty human females because they're too fickle, flighty and flakey, he works to perfect the first of his busty fembots. She will be the vanguard of a race of mechanical sex partners designed to serve his every whim. Someone who will not give him any shit when he leaves his dirty socks on the floor.

Finally, the great day arrives. Every circuit is in place. Her lifelike skin has been seamlessly molded. Every orifice could fool a medical doctor. Her batteries have been fully charged. He picks up a remote control device. A voice comes from her lips.

This scene from SCORE Xtra 10 stars Lori Pleasure. Lori only modeled once at SCORE. The blonde Californian, while she dresses and looks like a porn star, is an executive at Wicked Temptations, an online sexy clothing company. Lori has the sex drive of several women wrapped into one and had all the right moves when she was sucking and fucking her inventor, Talon.

Busty Sex-Bot

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Chavon Taylor – Hire A Hooker When The Wife’s Away

Hire A Hooker When The Wife's Away

This man is horny and he does not want to jack. He wants pussy. He wants sex with no strings. No dinner dates, no gifts, no dating. Fuck that shit. He wants a chick who has a tight and talented cunt and big tits that swing around when he's screwing her. A chick who will come over after a phone call and will take his cock and make him cum and then leave quietly with some cash in her purse for a job well done.

This man, who happens to be a cheating husband, needs a professional who will do what he says and fuck and suck his cock the way he wants it. The way he wants it, when he wants it. Someone who will not give him any lip except the lips over his stiff dick. A stacked and great looking girl. Young and fresh with a tight body. He needs a hooker with hooters. A call-a-slut who will spank her ass when you fuck her from behind.

He needs Chavon Taylor. Cuckolded wives, beware. This is the girl husbands want to fuck when they are "visiting their sister" or are "out of town on business." This is the girl husbands think of when they shoot their loads fucking their wives.

The cheating bastard is already in bed and waiting when Chavon enters the house. She is wearing what looks like a swimsuit and clear stripper heels. Chavon peels out of her suit, leaving her whore shoes on. The sight of her sucking on her trick's cock while in a doggie pose is tremendous, like a dirty mens' magazine centerfold come to life. What a mouth on this girl. She goes down deep and holds. She gags. She drools. Other girls should study Chavon's playbook.

And then she takes his dick deep inside her honey trap for an epic fuck. Time and money well spent for this dirty, rotten cheating husband. He'll be banging Chavon again one afternoon unless his wife notices the bank statements are funny-looking.

Hire A Hooker When The Wife's Away

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Linsey Dawn McKenzie – Linsey’s Three-Way

Linsey's Three-Way

This threesome from the DVD Maximum Insertion (sold at eBoobStore) is the second and final hardcore scene with a guy starring SCORE's ultimate superstar Linsey Dawn McKenzie.

When a new natural debuts, many veteran boob men praise her as "The Next Linsey Dawn McKenzie." LDM became the prototype, the role model by which other stacked girls are measured. The bar is set very high. Linsey naturally made it so.

After Linsey's first boy-girl scene in 2001, Ultimate Linsey, in which she fucked her future husand Terry a few weeks before their wedding, two years passed. Ten months later, they divorced. When in Spain for a series of photo shoots for, Linsey decided to try a second boy-girl, only this time a Czech named Marketa (Busty Euro Maids and many other SCORE DVDs) was added to make it a threesome. The guy was a professional cock this time, Robert alias "Mr. Trousersnake" from Busty Euro Maids. He fucks them both in a home gym. Marketa is a beautiful, busty porn star with great moves but Linsey is the definite star of the show here.

Linsey and Veronika tell Robert to get his clothes off and he does when Linsey grabs his dick out of his shorts and wraps her lips around it. The girls take turns slobbering over his cock. Veronika grabs the shaft and works on the head while Linsey goes for his bag, sucking one nut at a time. Then they switch and Linsey inhales half his bone down her throat before giving it to Veronika. The girls give Trousersnake a lot of sucking before he gets to fuck Linsey's tits. Linsey takes it doggie style while licking Veronika's pussy. Robert shoots a huge load onto both girls as they kiss and offer their amazing boobs for his spunk, with most of the jizz landing on Linsey's chin and neck.

Linsey is far more athletic and acrobatic in her sex positions than she was in Ultimate Linsey which took place on a standard bed while Marketa makes a good wingwoman. Linsey never again did another hardcore scene with a guy. At the time British porn stars were just starting to be recognized by a wider audience with British bra-buster Cathy Barry being one of the best known. We know LDM would have become a huge porn star had she continued but that wasn't what she wanted, preferring a milder career in adult.

Linsey's Three-Way

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Lola Hot – Prepared For Sex

Prepared For Sex

Just 21, Lola Hot is a very cute student in the Czech Republic, a European hub of hooters for SCORE. The brunette, smokey-eyed coed is blessed with a shapely, voluptuous body and a sexy, pretty face. She is also extremely horny like most healthy young college girls. There is a naughty gleam in her eyes. But that doesn't mean that a girl like her will fuck and suck a stranger's cock on-camera. She might want to just take off her clothes. Maybe only show her big boobs in topless photos like so many. Maybe give us a peek at her pussy. Maybe even finger or toy her pussy. But the question has to be asked anyway and it was. Lola answered. She was fit to fuck.

Lola was looking for part-time modeling assignments she could do when her school schedule was free. One of our people found her web posting looking for modeling jobs. Lola was a virgin to adult modeling. She has the right-sized tits for Voluptuous and a curvy ass to match. Arrangements were made to accommodate her schedule.

So Lola did her very first hard-sex video for SCORELAND. Now she's a coed and a secret porn star. "I like to have sex a few times a week," said Lola after that first scene. "This is my first time making a video with a guy... a stranger. I like it and I want to try more. I wrote that I don't swallow cum but I swallowed Thomas' cum and I liked it." Lola sucks cock with expert technique. How did she learn to be such a great cock sucker at her age?

Now Lola is reunited with Thomas for They hit it off like they'd been fucking for a month and now they can have at it again.

Lola is in the shower, a different and good way to start off a hardcore scene. Thomas enters with a drink for her. They play with her big, soft, natural boobs in the shower. Lola blows Thomas in the shower, her wet tits swaying in the spray. But the tub is a difficult place to fuck and many positions can't be done. Thomas goes to the bed and waits for Lola to dry off and beautify herself. She enters the bedroom in a very sexy lingerie robe, bra and panties and fuck-me heels.

Lola gets into bed ready for manpower. Thomas eats her sweet young box. That turns her on even more. She sucks his dick again. Now they're ready to bounce and the bed has a bouncy mattress. Perfect. Lola mounts Thomas and sticks his bone in her pussy in a reverse-cowgirl position to start. The coed's lovin' that pumping and is ready for other positions. She earns her degree in big tit sex. Will she daydream about cock while she's attending lectures instead of listening to her teachers?

Prepared For Sex

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Aspen – Playtime For Aspen

Playtime For Aspen

During her time as a hot model, Aspen was always in can-do mode. That's part of the reason her fans loved her so much and were always asking to see more of her.

Todd wrote: "Aspen is my favorite model of all time and she knows what a man wants. She is one of the sexiest women out there and we need to see more of her. Hope she shows off her body for many years to come!"

Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Aspen went back to her life before modeling which was working in the insurance business. But she left behind some kick-ass scenes and photo sets. She never shot for any other studios.

In 2007 during a trip to SCORE, Aspen talked to a V-mag editor about sex, posing and everyday life. "Modeling gives me a chance to be more of who I really am. At home I work in a professional environment for a large insurance company, so I don't get to be this side of my personality. Here I have the freedom to really enjoy and explore my sexuality and my openness. I love to be watched, so it's very exciting and it's different and it's safe and comfortable and it's fun. It's so much fun here. Everyone is so good to me and the other models I have worked with have been great."

Aspen only played with cock in her time at SCORE. Did she ever have an interest in sex with another busty woman? "I've thought about it and it is something that I would like to try with the right woman. I think Cherry Brady is incredibly beautiful and if I was going to have sex with another busty woman...she would be at the top of the list."

Another thing about Aspen. What you see and hear is what you get. She is the same on-camera as she is off, like Christy Marks, Cherry Brady and Angela White. This video with stunt dick Joey Ray is a good example. Aspen doesn't adopt another personality in her videos like the many girls who go to Los Angeles and get re-invented in the porn-sausage factories there. Aspen is just being herself.

Playtime For Aspen

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