Brandy Talore – Hooked By Big Tits

Hooked By Big Tits

"Everybody wants to fuck somebody with big titties."

So says Brandy Talore as she waits in the Florida sun. The brunette hottie, who started with SCORE in 2003, has said a mouthful. And when it comes to mouthfuls, Brandy has learned a lot since we first had the honor of meeting her.

That sun is getting a little too hot for poor Brandy who is dressed like a coed. Smart girl. Everyone loves schoolgirls, from America to Japan. Brandy's a student by night, hooker by day. Where's all the horny guys in this neighborhood who want to share some private session time? She's not in a gay area, is she?

But wait. Here comes a dude in his rig. He's interested in fucking this beauty. Some small talk later and she hops into his chariot. Brandy steers him to a quiet park with picnic tables. The place is empty and the trees provide privacy.

Brandy sits on the table and feels his hog through his pants while she takes off her top and lowers her bra so her big fucking natural hooters can get some fresh air. Pulling his big dick out, Brandy gets on her knees on the table in a doggie position and blows him up. She spits on it real good. Brandy is a spitter not a quitter. She sucks him hands-free until his cock is as hard as the wooden legs of the picnic table.

Mr. Boner gets on the table so Brandy can squat over him and shove his dick up her Ohio pussy-hole. She kicks off her heels for better balance and rides his snatch-pleaser. Her tits fly and slap loudly against her chest as she fucks up and down, moaning and cooing. Her pussy is soaked and her girl juice drips down his cock. Maybe that dick is too big for her. Brandy's tits are sure not too big for him! She has the finest and biggest pair in Ohio.

That's only the beginning. Mr. Boner can keep his Johnson hard a long time and he's going to tap Brandy in as many fucking positions for as long as he can until he's ready to give her a giant load of coconut milk. She deserves every drop because everyone loves Brandy Talore.

Why watch softcore boredom on late-night cable TV when you can watch Brandy being a nasty little...?

Hooked By Big Tits

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Angelique – Flesh Hammer Time

Flesh Hammer Time

A meeting with Angelique didn't always mean that the dude got the pleasure of boffing her good and hard followed by dousing her wild, big boobs with nut-juice. But this meeting did. Angelique undresses, removing her long gown but leaving on her black stockings and black pumps. He inserts a finger into her tight pussy and she goes crazy. Angelique is the kind of woman who nearly orgasms just by being touched by a guy. She is ultra-sensitive. A guy could do anything he wanted to her. Her fuck friend rams his meat into her, her heels on his shoulders, her knees compressing against her giant tits. This position drives his dick deep into Angelique's soaking wet cunt. Angelique flips over and gets on her knees to take more thrusting in doggie position. Her giant knockers need fucking too. They must never be neglected.

If there was any mega-boobed woman in the world who lived to get guys off, that woman was Angelique. She was not a chatty woman on-camera although she was off-camera. Her skills and talents were physical, earthy and hyper-sexual. She has not modeled or porn-fucked in over ten years and is very much under the radar today. But from 1994 to 2002, Angelique was every inch a mega-boobed porn queen. Brazil celebrates the World Cup. (Well, they did until Germany crushed them.) SCORE will always celebrate Angelique's world cups.

Flesh Hammer Time

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Bridgette B – There’s Something About Bridgette

There's Something About Bridgette

Bridgette B. gives this dude one of the best private dances and fucks he's ever had in his life. One of the hottest and prettiest porn stars currently boning her brains out, Bridgette B. is a blonde Spanish Doll originally from Spain, living in Los Angeles for almost twenty years.

In 2007, Bridgette decided to change careers and do what she does best: being a beautiful love doll to jack over in videos and pictorials. She dances for Rubino in a private room with a bed ready to be stained with pussy juices and man-sauce.

Kneeling before the seated Rubino, Bridgette strokes, tit-wanks and blows his bone to perfection. Bridgette is one of those LA babes who likes to heavily drool, spit, choke and gag on the cock, something all self-respecting porn girls should be skilled at. She is not a "dry head-sucker."

Once Rubino's shaft has been thoroughly spit-roasted by Bridgette's sexy mouth, she gets on her back to be tit-fucked and then her cunt is spread and pounded. Now...where should the nut-juice land? Her beautiful face? Her big beautiful boobs?

Play and see!

"There's Something About Bridgette." What is it?

She's a human fuck toy.

There's Something About Bridgette

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Orsolya – Spa Sex

Spa Sex

Orsolya became one of Hungary's most popular and sought after big tit models in less than one year after her debut. We first photographed her in 2001 before she became a porn star. She still does nude modeling and porn to this day, a tribute to her mad skills and talents.

This Classic (from Voluptuous Xtra 5) takes us to Budapest when Orsolya, a va-va-voom Voluptuous Girl, and a guy who looks like Jean-Claude Van Damme's cousin hook up at a spa that you only see in European documentaries. Zoltan walks over to Orsolya, whose ripe body is about to rip her bikini to tatters, and says to her, "Your tits are gorgeous, I promise you."

He sucks on her nipples with vigor and, tat for tat, Orsolya gets busy on his joint, sucking him off with deep throat force, then sticking his boner between her big fucking tits. Before long, Orsolya is having her asshole fiercely drilled and mouth filled in a scene that's as steamy as the air in that spa. Hardcore videos are only as good as the dude and Zoltan gave it to Orsolya good.

His ladykiller banter seemed to work wonders on her so maybe we should all try this line when we want to pick up a busty girl. The next time you hit on a girl, say "Your tits are gorgeous, I promise you." Let us know what happened next.

Spa Sex

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Holly Brooks – Hot For Holly

Hot For Holly

An octogenarian would be hot for Holly Brooks (HardSCORE 5, Busty Cock Worshippers 4 on DVD). The blonde sex-bomb, a fairly recent newcomer to SCORE, is the new wet dream girl for countless tit-men. The new go-to girl to drop a load over. She appears in their fantasies and dreams, dancing and slowly swaying her big boobs to give them nocturnal emissions.

Holly started off as a nude glam model. She did no pussy spreading, no toying or finger fucking and no hanky-panky-spanky. Then she changed her mind and got into porn. As we have said for years, girls who do hardcore had to start somewhere and swap "no-no-no" for "yes-yes-yes." Look at Puma Swede and Kelly Madison, as examples.

Holly Brooks has special talents. She is double-jointed. She loves dancing, stripping and grinding for a guy. She knows acupressure, Swedish and deep tissue massages. She can deep tissue massage your balls. She will do all of this for you in the privacy of a bedroom, and a lot more. Holly can deep-throat with the best of them. She has no tats. Now that's unusual today!

Holly's favorite sex position is doggie-style because she says it hits her the deepest. Holly loves G-Spot stimulation and Tony, her fuck-man in this fresh SCORE video, has the long horn to give her that stimulation.

"I LOVE nipple stimulation, kissing, getting my tits rubbed, and oral, both giving and getting, for foreplay, before I fuck," says Holly. "I love anal sex and when I give a guy a blow job, I usually swallow his cum."

A former financial analyst, Holly finds her new life in the adult world a lot more exciting than the financial services industry. Their loss is our gain.

Holly Brooks. Is she real or is she a mirage?

Hot For Holly

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Dee Dee Deluxx – Dee Dee Does Dick

Dee Dee Does Dick

Dee Dee Deluxx first posed for SCORE in 1998 as Chrissy Maxxx. Then she changed her name to Malibu Slick. Her first official SCORE movie was Tit Attack. In this scene, Anthony gives Dee Dee's tight pussy a hard fucking, bangs her tits and fills her mouth. Dee Dee's tits can engulf the biggest trouser-snakes so fucking those giant juggs and jizzing them is no simple feat. Not one to back off a challenge, Tony douses her enormous tits with his nut-milk before leaving her to go fuck another woman. Enjoy seeing mega-boobed strippers with cocks drilled deep in their cunts? Dee Dee is for you.

"I've made an art-form out of titty-fucking. I love being titty-fucked," says Dee Dee. Her breast fetish is powerful. But not the breasts of women, just her own mammoth pair. "I'm into cock and ball worship. I'll fill my mouth with balls like a guy sucks on a nipple. I'm not into girls although everyone wishes I was." Dee Dee says she's sexually passive but she looks assertive to us.

Dee Dee Does Dick

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Daylene Rio – Sweater Girl

Sweater Girl

On a trip to visit her friends at SCORE, super-sex bomb Daylene Rio has just returned from sweater shopping at the mall (where every eye was on her swiveling ass and big bouncing tits) and meets her scene fuck-partner Rocky inside the studio.

Everything is ready for Daylene's scene. Rocky is eager to get started with Daylene and get hands-on and cock-in. Not so fast for Daylene! Normally Daylene is not a tease and denial girl. This time she tells her porn-cock partner that she wants to try on her purchases first on-camera. He can fuck her in a different position for every sweater she tries on.

Daylene tries on a green number. She looks killer. Then a tight, white sweater. An orange cardigan is next. Caressing her bountiful booty and burying his face in her bodaciously big boobs, Rocky is about as interested in Daylene's sweaters as the Pope would be in reading the latest edition of SCORE magazine.

Now that Daylene has tried on her purchases, she opens Rocky's pants to see what he has for her. She puts her mouth on his underwear-covered cock and leaves his briefs wet with her saliva, then pulls out his cockasaurus and, staring at him with her outstretched tongue eager to give him the famed Daylene Rio blow job, sucks it all the way. He got paid for this? Daylene takes turns tit-banging him and sucking him like a vacuum pump.

Now Daylene wants her California Latina pussy filled. She wants to get her fuck on. She sits on his pole, facing him and bounces up and down hard and fast. That's how Daylene wants her sex. Fast, hard, wild and strong.

Daylene's passionate screams fill the room as they swap out to different positions; doggie, missionary and more.

Where does Daylene want his nut? On what part of the royal rack should Rocky release? If we know Daylene, it's gonna be on her lovely face or on her mountainous mams. No matter where, just watching whatever Daylene Rio does produces an erection reaction. Trying on tight sweaters. Sexing. Taking showers. Just walking. Props to this great SCORE Girl.

Sweater Girl

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Brittany O’Neil – Miss O’Neil Will Jerk You Dry Now

Miss O'Neil Will Jerk You Dry Now

If you know a sexy, busty receptionist who looks like Brittany O'Neil and does what Brittany does in this SCORE video, we want to know her name and info as soon as possible. (Contact us at

After playing with her pussy in P.O.V. close-up (God bless the photographer of this video), Brittany tit-fucks and jacks you off with two hands and lots of lube until you spurt like a pipeline geyser in a Texas oilfield. What a mess at the end. What a woman.

Who starts the balls rolling when it comes to sex for Brittany in her off-camera sex life?

"It can go either way," said Brittany. "It's a mutual thing. Or sometimes he'll just be sitting there, and I'll unzip his pants and take his cock out. But I usually like to crawl up on the guy's lap and tease him and get him real hard and touch him through his pants, and then I'll get down on my knees. He's sitting on the couch because I want him to be relaxed, and then I'll start giving him head."

What about size? As a porn star, Brittany fucks a lot of porn studs with bigger than average dicks. Did that turn her into a size queen? "For all you guys out there, don't ever worry about the size. It's not the size. It's how you do it. It really is. It's all about your technique. It's not necessarily the size." The guy in this scene has a regular cock, not a porn cock.

There's a misconception by the public that porn stars are naturally slutty, unpredictably wild women who flash their pussies and tits in public and get out of control. This is a false stereotype of porn girls. If you ever met Brittany, you'd find a woman who is proper, gracious and every inch--every big inch--a class act. You would not think she is a porn star--unless you found yourself in bed with her.

Miss O'Neil Will Jerk You Dry Now

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Kianna Dior – Busty Lady Barber Bangs Customer

Busty Lady Barber Bangs Customer

Ever had a fantasy about fucking that hot female hairstylist you've gone to? We all have. A pretty one with big boobs that she sticks in your face when she leans over you while she cuts your hair. Kianna Dior fits that powerful male sex daydream like she was tailor made for it. Catching her at closing time when everyone has gone home is the right moment. She'll forget about your big head and go for the little head if you play your cards right.

Famous for her zesty, sloppy, drooling blow jobs and jerk jobs, renowned for her tit-screwing skills, talked about for her nasty fuck moves, Kianna is one of the world's hottest porn stars. The Asian beauty (a mix of Chinese, Irish and Scottish) originally from Canada has been rocking the porn world for over ten years.

What's your all-time favorite curse word?
Kianna: Umm...Fuck!

Better lay: Men or Women?
Kianna: Guys. It's hotter with guys.

Does size matter?
Kianna: Yes! Hey, I was just being honest!

How many sex toys would you say that you own?
Kianna: At least 20.

Head: Give or receive?
Kianna: I like to give.

Cum: Swallow or Spit?
Kianna: Both. It depends.

What's better to give: blow jobs, tit jobs or foot jobs?
Kianna: Tit jobs are fun.

What's your favorite position?
Kianna: I like doggie-style. I like being on top. I don't mind reverse-cowgirl if I'm not doing it for too long. Reverse-cowgirl is hard on the legs. It's really a workout. Although I know that guys who like big boobs love that position because they can see my tits and see the guy's cock going in and out of my pussy at the same time.

Growing up, were you a cocktease?
Kianna: All the girls in school hated me because I was a bit of an exhibitionist. I started out being so sweet and innocent, and I don't know what happened. I just wanted to show myself off all the time. Like in my senior year of high school, when I was 18, it got to the point where the teachers were calling my mom. They'd call her and say, 'Did you see what your daughter's wearing today?'"

Busty Lady Barber Bangs Customer

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Saholy – Busty Maid Shaved & Ass-Fucked

Busty Maid Shaved & Ass-Fucked

She liked to be called Sah. Saholy was born July 4, 1976, and, at the time this video was shot, weighed 103 lbs., was 5'3" tall, measured 37-24-36 and wore a 32DD bra. The story of how Sah came to be photographed is offbeat and unusual. One morning in August, 2003, our projects manager let a couple into the building after hearing them ring the doorbell. Sah and her husband didn't e-mail, write or phone in advance. They flew to Miami from Indonesia to visit the States and to see if Sah could shoot for SCORE. They just showed up at our door, cold, which almost never happens.

Fortunately, the studio was not booked the next day and there was a porn-cock available to sex-up Sah. The results were eventually added to the DVD SCORE Xtra #10. Christmas was early.

Her husband was one of those veteran SCORE readers who married the girl of his dreams and liked to see her getting nailed by horny dudes. Dave, one of the editors, came up with the idea of the porn guy Matt shaving off Sah's bush at the same time he's fucking her in the ass and pussy. (It was a little tricky.)

Here's the video concept. With a busty maid like Saholy, the first order of the day is a long blowjob. Then Matt fucked Saholy's juicy hole. Her pussy gripped his cock as it slid in and out, his nuts slapping her on the down-stroke. Saholy cried "Oweee!" in her French-based accent as he thrust deep. It seemed to be her vocal signature, that "Oweee!" Then he entered Sah's ass, which Matt said felt like a velvet vise. The camera operator was not afraid to get within inches of Sah's pussy and asshole.

We don't know what Saholy's doing ten years later but we'll always have this to enjoy and jack to.

Busty Maid Shaved & Ass-Fucked

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