Lily Valentine – Cock For The Cookie Of A Canadian Cutie

Cock For The Cookie Of A Canadian Cutie

Sadly for our dicks, Lily Valentine did not model very much. We found Mademoiselle Valentine in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and after some arrangements with her modeling agency, our team traveled to snowy Montreal. The chalet was in a remote location, a great place to be trapped with this totally gorgeous and sexy girl. Lily is slim with big, floppy hangers and a beautiful body. No wonder guys go fucking crazy over her.

"I like a man to spend a lot of time kissing and licking my tits," says Québécoise Lily who is about to fuck her close Canadian friend Jacques Strap in this video. "Licking my pussy for a long time is also good. Then when we fuck, we fuck hard and for a long time. I like to be dominated with a lot of good penetration and deep thrusting."

Following their hot fuck, we've added some segments of Lily's first and only interview. It's in French--Lily does not speak English--so a translator did the honors. She is a very sweet girl as this interview proves.

Not long after filming, Lily left adult modeling. We'd hoped to film her again but she was no longer available. As the citizens of Quebec would say, "Quelle dommage--what a shame!"

Cock For The Cookie Of A Canadian Cutie

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Rachel Love – Pick-Up On Fuck Street

Pick-Up On Fuck Street

Lusty and busty Rachel Love is out for a stroll. You know that song Roxanne with the lyric, "You don't have to wear that dress tonight." Well, Rachel likes to put on that special red dress and walk the streets in her fuck-me heels. She's beautiful bait for horny men.

A driver pulls up, hypnotized by her swiveling ass and bouncing boobs. Small chit-chat and Rachel is in the front seat, off to the dude's hideaway of humping. Rachel is a bad girl and likes to distract drivers by flashing her big boobs and flashing her sexy snatch, her baby-doll voice saying dirty words. This guy is now hooked and ready to pop a boner. They get to his place and Rachel backs up against the wall, then drops her dress down so her tits are again exposed. She's wearing no panties and her pussy is shaved clean revealing that succulent slit.

Rachel begins with a deep throat blow-and-jack-job, then she and her pick-up adjourn to the couch for some crazy wild screwing, her screams filling the room with each thrust. What a hot fuck, Rachel Love is.

Pick-Up On Fuck Street

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Sara Jay – Pile-Driven


"Talon just told me he doesn't like blow jobs. I'm going to convert him," Sara Jay said before the action began in this video, one of Sara's early scenes at SCORE when she was just starting out. "I'm converted," Talon said later on. "Sara gave me the best blow job I've ever had. Her mouth is just unbelievable!" He'd just been orally serviced by one of the best blow job queens of the silver screen. He repaid her with a hard fuck--Talon is a pounder and a driller without mercy who likes nubile girls that can spread their legs like a yoga student.

Sara was always orally-fixated and she's brought that to the show from the very beginning. "I eat. I chew a lot of gum. I like having things in my mouth. Lollipops, especially when they have Tootsie Rolls in the middle. I think part of the reason I like to give BJ's is because most women don't like to give them, and it makes the guy think I'm doing them a favor. But it's like a gift, and I like to give presents. 'I'll suck your dick.' Guys are so happy when I say that. I'm down for blow jobs. I'm down for anything as long as I have a cock in my mouth. I just love giving blow jobs."

Sara's blow jobs are the messiest and gooiest of all. She may have originated the sloppy BJ. Sara is also a proponent of the lengthy blow job. No two-minute lick and flick. She could go for hours although what man could last hours?


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Candace Von – Sweet As Candace

Sweet As Candace

Candace Von sure knows how to greet a guy at the door. That big chest of hers is chest sweet. She says she knows what's on your mind. "Are you going to try to get into my pants all night?" Candace asks with a giggle. She suggests getting to know each other better and then having dinner. Great idea! Now you know there won't be any all-night chasing.

You enter her place and she sits opposite you with a smile. Pulling out her tits means you're in. She spreads her legs so you can see what she has in store. Candace is eager to have you manhandle her big boobs, all-natural tits that she's very proud of. Her nipples are hard and pointy.

Candace gets on her knees and takes your pussy-poker in her mouth, sucking it with slurping sounds. Wrapping her melons around your cock, Candace gives you a tit-wank most girls can't. She knows how to work your Johnson just right with those fine soft things.

Candace gives you a few more hard sucks to get max stiffness and then she sits on top of it for a wild ride. There will be more fucking positions and more tit-wanking. Not a bad blind date! If they could all be like her.

Sweet As Candace

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Scarlet LaVey – Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire

Want to play with Voluptuous newcomer Scarlet LaVey? Boy, you're playing with fire if you do. You could get burned because Miss LaVey's huge tits and her fine, round tail are hot! Here's the proof in a new SCOREVideos scene. Scarlet LaVey is a super-sex goddess and yet she's so young, only a mere 21-years-old and a welcome new addition to V-mag as well as SCORELAND.

Even that bad girl outfit Scarlet's barely wearing looks dangerous. Scarlet beckons Tyler forward like the tit-queen she is. Her pert nipples demand fingering and licking. The brunette stunner lays back and opens her sexy legs wide. She has no panties on and her shaved sex-box awaits a finger-banging.

Her legs still scissored open wide so we can see her pink, slick pussy, Scarlet sucks on Tyler's shaft to the hilt. Scarlet can deep-throat big cock and gets it all in her mouth. He rubs his dick on her big boobs then returns it to her warm mouth for more sloppy, slurpy and noisy cock-smoking.

Those tits must be fucked. Tyler does the right thing by fucking them, feeding Scarlet the tip of his dick when it approaches her beautiful face. Had he not buried his cock insider her cleavage, there would be public protests to rival the situation in Kiev, Ukraine.

And now it's time to fuck this gorgeous young woman. Tyler opens Scarlet's stocking-covered legs wider and slides his stiffie, lubed by her mouth, into her tight, delicious cunt.

When you fuck Scarlet LaVey, you're fucking with fire!

Playing With Fire

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Joy Juggs – Voluptuous Xtra 9

Voluptuous Xtra 9

Joy Juggs pulls off the housewife look while she's pulling off Anthony's throat gagger in this scene from the DVD Voluptuous Xtra 9. When Joy was active in the first part of the '00s, several TSG editors were obsessed with her, constantly mumbling her name. Joy was a regular back then, a Florida local who fit the look of the Voluptuous/XLGirl and an all-around girl-next-door with huge, tan-lined juggs. That was her trademark, tan-lines. She sucked and fucked some mighty big ramburgers during her tenure.

Joy doesn't usually suck on her own nipples but she did it upon request. "Not normally. When I masturbate, I do," Joy said. "I usually masturbate maybe every other day. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I want to masturbate every day. I've tried with my fingers but I can't come. I have one of those high-powered vibrators that plug into the wall. It works very well! I also have a pocket rocket that I keep in my car and sometimes if I'm stuck in the drive-thru at the bank, I'll use it."

Joy likes getting spanked. She likes getting her hair pulled, especially when she's on her hands and knees taking the beef pickle from behind. She likes gentle oral and piston-style fucking by big, rock-hard pricks. Joy is especially adept at ball sucking and cock sucking with her tits wedging a cock.

Anthony takes it fairly easy on Joy. He's not his usual maniacal, sweating self. He does give Joy a steady cramming and a load of spritz on her tits.

We don't know what Joy is up to these days. Probably married and working. All told, Joy was featured in nine TSG magazines and four DVDs plus a compilation DVD of just tit-fucking, Big Girl Boob Bang. A fine resume.

Voluptuous Xtra 9

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Hayden – Voluptuous Xtra 9

Voluptuous Xtra 9

Hayden was a working wife who posted her pictures on the web, the now defunct and developed an enthusiastic following. Her tits are huge. Voluptuous invited her to pose for both solo and XXX photo-spreads and videos and this is one of the XXX videos Hayden made (part of the DVD Voluptuous Xtra 9).

Hayden role-plays in this video as a masseuse who uses her oiled tits to rub a guy which leads to fucking and sucking and a facial and titty cum-blast. A good percentage of the show is shot P.O.V. Hayden resembles and sounds like a TV actress from a sit-com...but who?

At the time, Hayden weighed 170 lbs., measured 36-28-38 and wore a 36DD bra. "Because I work for a conservative firm, I dress fashionably conservative and I always wear a bra," said Hayden. "I'm in the financial services industry, so I have to dress very conservatively at work. I basically recruit and train people to be stockbrokers and investment specialists. Now, if I'm going out to a club or out to dinner, then yes, I like to dress sexily. When I'm at home or out shopping, I go without a bra and let them hang out."

Hayden liked teasing guys. "It's fun watching guys stare at my tits, seeing them squirm to hide their boners. I like turning on guys. I like to get them horny."

"I lived a fairly sheltered life. I went to an all-girls Catholic high school. And my family was very conservative. I definitely tried to hide them at first, especially when I knew there were going to be men around. It almost would've been better if I'd developed earlier because, going to an all-girls high school where some of the girls had big boobs, although not as big as mine, I would've had time to get used to them."

Hayden deserved much more acclaim than she got. She admitted that she has "an incredible sex drive" and that exhibitionistic streak led her to dabble in adult videos and pictures. Unlike Florida MILF Amber Lynn Bach, Hayden didn't take it to the next level and make it full-time.

Voluptuous Xtra 9

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Cassandra Calogera – Hitchhikin’ Ho

Hitchhikin' Ho

So you're driving along on a dusty gravel road, minding your own business and contemplating how great it would be to get your cock sucked when all of a sudden you spy a smokin' hot bitch up ahead. The closer you get, the bigger her tits get, and you start to realize that she is dressed up like a common hooker. Then you realize that she IS a common hooker. Is this a big-titted mirage? Is this busty ball-drainer a figment of your fucking perverted imagination? No, she is real. And her overactive sex drive is real, too. You pick her up and take her to your place for some R&R, which of course stands for rack and relaxation. She whips out her big tits and tells you to fuck her for all she is worth. And what is she worth? The couple of bills you are throwing her to get in her pussy, of course. You bought it; you break it in, buddy. Use that pussy like it's a lease, because technically, it is.

Hitchhikin' Ho

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Lavish Styles – Busty Rihanna Look-alike Fucked

Busty Rihanna Look-alike Fucked

People see slim and stacked Lavish Styles and tell her that she looks like pop-singer Rihanna. That said, pretty girl Lavish is definitely the one you want to bang. Lavish is tiny with big tits but this girl knows how to fuck, suck and drain a hard boner. And that's exactly what she is going to do in and out of the shower, filmed in P.O.V this-is-your-cock photography. Our cameraman is wearing his GoPorn camera-hat and his raincoat.

It's been said that Rihanna has a wonderful set of pipes but Lavish will clean out your pipes. True! She tit-fucks and swallows the huge prick, then rides it and gets ridden in one hot and nasty on-the-floor grind-job! Lavish's big boobs and ass cheeks shake and quake like chocolate pudding as she services her boff-buddy!

Busty Rihanna Look-alike Fucked

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Alexis Silver – The Boom-Boom Room

The Boom-Boom Room

Alexis is a big-titted hooker. She is a really good hooker. She is like the Bruce Lee of hookers. The kind of ho that you know really loves her job. The kind of ho that gives it her all. She is the kind of hooker who will blow you, fuck you, let you stick some of your body parts in her ass and then she will eat your cum. Alexis is the kind of hooker all hookers should aspire to be. Watch her be all that she can be on this guy's rod. She picks him up in the street and then takes his meat to go, leading him to the Jacuzzi room in a rent-by-the-hour hotel. Here, in the comfort of this seedy hotel room, she works his junk like a seasoned pro, and she works her crisp British accent, too, which is very fucking hot! So you're probably wondering where all the big-titted, British cock-rockers are hanging out in your area, right? You'll just have to find the right corner, buddy.

The Boom-Boom Room

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