Sana Fey – Nurse Takes Work Home

Nurse Takes Work Home

Nurse Sana Fey wants to head home. Her car won't start so the friendly doctor at the hospital offers to take her home. And fuck her. He blows a load after fucking Busty Red's tits. We never had a nurse with a rack like this, let alone one who fucked like this.

Before she was Sana Fey, this sexy minx went to Catholic school, then took her first job as an aerobics and Pilates instructor teaching over 30 classes a week. In need of money, she started dancing at a topless bar. She met the late agent Hal Guthu, who started her off on the road to dancing and modeling. Sana was a popular guest on SCORE's Boob Cruise '97 and '98. The passengers loved her energy and kittenish sex appeal. She had a great body and slinky legs that got her into Leg Sex magazine.

After Boob Cruise '97, Sana got into hardcore videos, making well over 100 XXX titles, a large percentage of them girl-girl. She also did anal and interracial.

In March 2001, Sana Fey was sued by Jonathan Fisher, a customer at a Lake Worth, Florida club called the Peek-A-Boo Lounge (now called The Adult Depot), claiming that Sana wrapped her legs around his head on stage and injured his inner ear in October 1999. Fisher stated that Sana should have known the force of her leg lock could damage his inner ear, which he says caused him post-traumatic tinnitus (ringing in the ears). He sought $2,000 for lost wages and $4,000 for medical costs. Nothing ever came of the case. Some reporters questioned why it took the plaintiff 16 months to file a suit. In some ways, it's similar to the Paul Shimkonis vs Tawny Peaks case in 1996 that originated at Diamond Dolls, also in Florida. That case wound up on TV's The People's Court presided by former New York City Mayor Ed Koch and was dismissed.

Now retired from stripping, modeling and porn, Sana resumed her work in fitness instruction.

Nurse Takes Work Home

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Candy Manson – These Boots Are Made For Street Walkin’

These Boots Are Made For Street Walkin'

Candy Manson sets up her business at a bus stop. There's lots of fresh air and sunshine in this kind of work space and there's a good amount of foot traffic that brings in the customers. Candy has no overhead and generally meets the kind of men that suit her. They're not politicians or bankers but those guys are cheapskates anyway.

While other girls in her profession hang out in bars, motel cocktail lounges or in dark alleys, Candy enjoys the scenery and the numerous tricks she meets waiting for the next bus. She's become quite an expert on routes and schedules. She doesn't come on the bus. She gets customers to either come home with her or she goes to their place.

Today she wears knee-high boots, the kind that look great on super-heroines or street-whores, and a sexy outfit that looks more like a swimsuit than a dress. Looking and dressed the way she is, finding new poker partners is easy. They see her, they want to poke her. Her latest client brings her back to his place to get his man-juice sucked out. The money he saves taking buses went to a good purpose. However, she does not accept bus transfers as currency.

These Boots Are Made For Street Walkin'

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Angelique – Emergency Nurses

Emergency Nurses

If any scene is a certified SCORE Classic, this hospital scene between Angelique and Minka, shot in London, is pure gold. Here is a big-titted classic encounter between two hyper-sexed SCORE Girls. At this hospital, the models are the patients. They are also the nurses and the doctors.

Nurse Minka enters the room to tend to Angelique who is in for a chipped fingernail. After checking Angelique's chart, Minka makes a straight line for Angelique's huge jugs. Minka's boobs are ready to fall out of her uniform as she leans over Angelique. Angelique sees Minka's colossal tits and wants to suck on them. How the photographers controlled themselves is a mystery.

A horny therapy session ensues with nipple sucking. Both mega-stars have nice, dark bushes that are hairy but trimmed. Today's shaved pussy trend has made bush ladies hard to find. The girls fuck each other with toys including a double-headed dong. Minka fucks Angelique with a strap-on that she keeps in her nurse's utility belt.

Emergency Nurses

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Brandy Dean – Brandy Dean SCOREs Again

Brandy Dean SCOREs Again

Alone by herself in pictorials, Brandy can inspire the loss of many loads, but she found her niche in fucking and sucking and using her huge 38DDD jugs as cum catchers. She takes pride in this. Brandy has not done many videos if you were to compare her to other porn stars who buzz through hundreds of scenes. And that can be a good thing.

Brandy's vigorous gazonga gyrations almost knock Al into a wall. The girl also knows how to dress her tits and the rest of her shapely body. As soon as they strip off for action, Brandy dives for Al's cock and gives him her special head and jack technique that men speak of in hushed, awed tones. The redhaired vixen is an experienced cocksucker and knows how to harden a man in seconds. The thing about Brandy is that she never loses that wholesome, fresh-faced, corn-fed, innocent Ohio-bred face. She doesn't look like a porn star at all. She looks like a young, suburban wife and baseball mom.

Watch as Brandy swirls her tongue over the tip and the other tricks she does to his bone as she vacuum cleans it. While Brandy is swallowing Al's bloated shaft, he is burying his face in Brandy's cleavage and sucking her nipples. When it's time to fuck, Brandy does the rubber trick--putting it on his cock with her mouth. This dirty little move adds a healthy dash of nasty and Brandy is an expert at being a nasty girl.

Brandy Dean SCOREs Again

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Angelique – Head Nurse

Head Nurse

Head nurse Angelique is prowling the ward in search of pussies to lick, nipples to suck or a boner to fuck. She encounters an ailing patient who is in the hospital for jerking off too much. Angelique swiftly determines that he has enough man-juice for one fuck and she wants it. Angelique strips off her nurse's uniform to reveal her perfect body and gigantic tits in a tight, white bra and panties.

Orally-fixated Angelique must save the patient with her Brazilian jaws of life technique and sucks his cock, demonstrating her superior nursing skills. The taste of his cock in her hungry mouth gets her pussy wet for his beef thermometer. She joins him in bed so he can fuck the shit out of her with his last ounce of strength.

Now a busty legend of SCORE, Angelique resides in Germany and is long retired from modeling and porn. Even so, letters often arrive from fans asking the chances of her making a comeback.

Head Nurse

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Sabrina Linn – “As Nasty As I Wanna Be”

"Who is this wildin' out, freaky-deaky, porn-loving, slutty-looking, bad-ass?"

Sabrina Linn is a Texas mom boasting Texas-size 40GG tits who found SCORE at and wanted to join in on all of the action she's been seeing and reading about. Sabrina's a real MILF, not a fake Hollywood porn MILF.

Sabrina loves tats and pussy piercings and nipple rings and she loves them in a big way. "Back home, I masturbate a lot and I am a toy junkie," said Sabrina. "I try to masturbate daily to porn when I wake up to very sexy thoughts. I am fully-bisexual and love sex with women and men. I have sex three to four times a month. I wish I had it three to four times a day."

"I have two looks. One is as a mom in public wearing nice tops that cover my cleavage but are fitting. The other is going out in anything that shows off my curves."

Banging a porn stud on camera was one of Sabrina's dreams and she fulfilled that dream. A chick like Sabrina needs an experienced, hung stud, so Sabrina was given one of the best. They play tit-slapping games, then her pussy gets a licking and a finger-bang before Sabrina swallows his dick for a sloppy throat fucking and squeezes her boobs together for a tit-banging. Sabrina gets into a hard-ramming fuck and a facial with cum-swallowing. This mom clearly loves being on the receiving end of raunchy and pounding porn-sex.

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Lisa Lipps – Lick, Suck & Lap

Lick, Suck & Lap

Big-boobed girls having sex was big in the big '90s. Correction. SaRenna Lee and Lisa Lipps don't have big boobs. They have huge boobs. Two of the top feature dancers of that decade, SaRenna got together a few times with Lisa. Several of those shoots were in London and in the Caribbean for SCORE magazine.

This rare video is very hot as the two perfectly-paired beauties, naked except for their platform shoes, make each other cum with tongues and toys on the living room floor as a nosy window washer watches. Thirteen minutes in, Lisa, the more assertive of the two, fucks SaRenna's butthole with a vibrator. As SCORE Classic moments go, this video never gets old. The girls, worldwide mega-boob mega-stars, were in their prime. We only wish more videos like this were shot back then.

Lick, Suck & Lap

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Eva Notty – Licky Licky Sticky Sticky

Licky Licky Sticky Sticky

Eva Notty is dressed to thrill, doing extreme justice to her tight blue dress and black pumps. What red-blooded man wouldn't go ape knowing he is going to fuck Eva's tits, mouth and tight cunt? She's total eye-candy. Eva treats him to a juggy feast, sitting on his lap and giving him her huge tits to suck, squeeze and bury his face in and zone out in knocker nirvana, a condition that can turn a boob-dog into a zombie. But before that can happen, Eva inches lower, pulling his prick out and expertly sucking, jacking and titty-banging it.

They swap positions tit for tat so Eva can raise and spread her legs in the air while he fingers and eats her out. Her pussy now wet and ready for a fill-up, it's time to fuck the sultry seductress and rock the house down. The pleasure of sliding the cock into her is beyond description and so is busting a huge nut in Eva's mouth. Some girls have what's called a "cocksucker mouth" and Eva is blessed with it too. When she opens her mouth after he removes his dick from it, a huge glob of jizz falls out between her sweet lips, dripping onto her perfect boobs. She rubs the sticky spunk into her tits like it's a night cream.

Licky Licky Sticky Sticky

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Ashley Renee – Big Tit Orgy

Big Tit Orgy

Mesha Lynn is playing chess with John. Next to them, hanging out on the couch, Kim Chambers and Roxy Rider want Sean's boner to suck and fuck. Meanwhile Davia and Ashley Renee are getting tight. They join up with Mesha and form a train: Ashley eats Davia's cunt as Mesha licks Ashley from behind while John screws Mesha from the rear. The cameraman shoots from the second floor to show what's really going on from a birds-eye view, then he heads down to capture the action up-close.

It's a full-blown orgy as female screams of delight fill the living room overlooking the LA skyline while pro-cocks fill porn pussies and spurting loads of cum fill open mouths and outstretched tongues in this classic scene. Check out Kim Chambers at four minutes in. These guys and girls were not jerking around when it came to fucking and sucking.

Big Tit Orgy

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Veronica Rayne – Balls Deep, Baby

Balls Deep, Baby

Why would we waste time telling you what we think Veronica Rayne's best attributes are when she is more than willing to tell you herself? Veronica is not the modest type. She likes tooting her own horn as much as she likes tooting your horn, buddy. Why is Veronica one of the hottest, chestiest fucks in all of Pornville? Well, she got reason number one off her chest right away. In fact, reason number one is her chest. She says her tits are the roundest, hardest, biggest chesticles there are. Reason number two? She is a hearty fucker and makes you feel like you are the hottest thing to plunder her pussy, ever. We're talking about enthusiastic nasty talk, athletic cock-riding and taking it in every hole. And reason number three is her raunchy dick-sucker of a mouth. She says that she can down any cock, no matter what the size, right down to the balls. That is a mighty claim, but not to worry, we're sure you will have fun whether you prove it to be true or false. Why not? Let that ho try and suck your cock down balls-deep, man.

Balls Deep, Baby

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