Angel Gee – Army Wife

Army Wife

Wearing a skin-tight tube dress, SCORE Girl Angel Gee writes a letter to her man in the army. "Can't wait until you cum all over my tits," Angel writes. What a tender sentiment. It should be used in greeting cards. She rubs her tits and pussy-hole thinking about getting fucked.

Cut to later. There's a knock at the door, Angel wears a sexy negligee as a sweet homecoming gift. Seeing Angel's massive tits under sheer lace, he's on her in an instant, palming her huge, huge tits and pierced nipples. They're not even two feet from the front door as Angel kneels before his thick cock to worship it with her wet mouth and soft hands.

They move to the couch so Angel can have her pussy licked and fingered as foreplay for fucking. "You're gonna have to break me in all over again," a hyper-horny Angel cries. A very vocal girl, talking dirty makes Angel even hornier. Angel's also a screamer. Girls like that are hard to find. "I love your dick, baby!" Angel yells.

Her own personal drill sergeant pumps the heavenly hooters out of Angel in enough banging positions for a sexology manual, ending with a pile-driver on the floor that drives her over the edge. Angel not only earns another set of wings, she earns a thick load of cream all over her giant jugs.

Army Wife

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Ines Cudna – When Busty Babes Meet

When Busty Babes Meet

Ines Cudna was proclaimed "The Polish Princess" when she made her debut at SCORE in March 2003's edition. So many videos and pictorials were shot of Ines that there's a website with all of it called and it's part of SCORE's network of sites.

This was a historic meeting, filmed in Spain for Linsey Dawn McKenzie's DVD Maximum Insertion. "I think I could be looking at the next Linsey Dawn McKenzie. I'd better be careful," thinks Linsey when Ines lays down in a lounger next to her at poolside. "Do you mind if I have a look at your boobs?"

Linsey has much bigger and heavier natural tits but Ines is no slouch herself in the bra department. Linsey gives Ines' big boobs many licks and kisses and Ines pays her back in kind.
The girls get totally nude except for their fuck-me shoes. Linsey asks Ines if she can lick her own nipple and Ines does it easily. Ines leans back on a bar stool so Linsey can polish her clit with her tongue. Ines then returns the favor with a flicking tongue. Linsey picks up a dildo that looks like a ray gun from Battlestar Galactica and asks Ines, "Have you ever seen one of these before?" Yes, Ines has. Ines uses kooky looking vibrators and toys constantly--she could probably write a Polish best seller on the subject.

Ines' famous thick labia intrigues Linsey and she seems to enjoy working over Ines' long-lipped pussy with this elaborate vibrator and attached clit stimulator. LDM has made it with lots of well-known SCORE Girls (Minka, Danni Ashe and Angelique to name a few). Ines is the first Polish girl she's ever done up.

When Busty Babes Meet

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Kitana Flores – Kitana Flores Is A Super Hottie!

Kitana Flores Is A Super Hottie!

"I'm a bad girl when I'm here," said Kitana Flores. "Right now. For a few hours. In the bedroom. Guys are sometimes surprised by that because I usually don't dress too sexy and I can be kind of laid back, but when they get me in the bedroom, I can be pretty wild. I think a lot of Puerto Rican girls are that way. We hide our wild side until we get into private situations. We don't think it's proper to be too out there in public, even though we can dress sexy."

A double life? Expressing her hot sexuality fucking on-camera and giving boners to her fans watching her?

"I'm not the kind of girl who would walk around with a short skirt and no panties and wait for the wind to blow, you know? I'm a lot more conservative than that, believe it or not."

Kitana is so fucking hot and sexy that feelings of jealousy can rear up when she sucks the big dick of this X-Man in this SCORE scene and spreads her legs so he can start boning her. This dude may or may not have truly understood how lucky he was to savor this hot South Beach Latina because countless guys would have loved to have taken his place.

"My nipples are very sensitive," added Kitana, "so if a guy starts there and slowly works down my body, he's going to find that my pussy is already very wet before he even does anything to it."

Kitana's pussy is very wet in this scene.

Kitana Flores Is A Super Hottie!

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Autumn-Jade – Linsey’s Lezzie Seduction

Linsey's Lezzie Seduction

What happens when supernatural tit goddesses meet? One of Autumn-Jade's earliest photo shoots was this memorable pairing of the Alabama country girl and British superstar Linsey Dawn McKenzie in SCORE's London studio. At the time Linsey and Chloe Vevrier were the two all-natural queens of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines.

Both girls love the bodies of girls and spent many pleasurable minutes sucking and licking pussy, clits and nipples. It starts off with Autumn enjoying a magazine layout of Linsey. She falls asleep and Linsey appears. Is it a dream or reality? Linsey gave up her girl-girl cherry to Autumn here.

The buxom kittens couldn't keep their lips and hands off each other. If you love seeing boob-blessed beauties doing the deed, this is real whacking material. When this scene was released on VHS in 1999, first in the UK, then in North America, Linsey fans snapped it up. Later on, it was added to the DVD The Best of Linsey.

Linsey's Lezzie Seduction

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Stephanie Stalls – Tool Time Girl!

Tool Time Girl!

Stephanie Stalls is a famous, superbusty American stripper and a super-lusty babydoll. SCORE editor Dave says Stephanie looks like a porn star. "Well, I have the mind of a porn star," says Stephanie. She's also a girl who knows how to properly handle tools. Today in the machine shop, Tool Time Girl Stephanie is going to help Mr. Largo lay some pipe. It'll be a pleasure to drill that vise-tight pussy. This is the true meaning of "fix her upper."

Stephanie's huge 40 inches (34F-cup and pierced) are worshiped and glazed, just the way she likes it. Then it's south of the border time. "What girl doesn't like having her pussy licked? If you're a woman, you like getting your pussy licked!" Stephanie returns the favor like a good co-worker. "I'm good at blow jobs. I was called 'Hoover' in high school."

How does Stephanie feel being a Tool Time Girl? "Sometimes I want somebody to take charge and really hammer me." It looks like construction is up and hammer time is here, at least in the SCORE machine shop. Thank you, Stephanie Stalls! You know how to erect things!

Tool Time Girl!

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London Andrews – Tits & Tugs

Tits & Tugs

A smoking-hot girl with both great big boobs and a great ass, London Andrews did two full XXX scenes in two SCORE videos. Her third video is this point-of-view hand job and titty-fucking encounter. She's never done hardcore anywhere else and returned to her nomadic lifestyle of posing for glam, fetish and other categories for private photographers, mostly amateurs, around the USA.

London is fantastic at handwork and watching this video only makes us wish she'd done more while she was here. "I enjoy traveling, getting naked for photographers and meeting people who live outside the box," said London, who enjoys events like Burning Man and other alternative lifestyles. "I paint murals and create beautiful things."

So the fact that London didn't do a hundred videos all over the place only makes what she did at SCORE all the more rare. London combines sexuality and eroticism in one package. She's a happy-looking man-pleaser and she has a natural, girl-next-door appearance that hasn't been lost while she piles up the nearly countless photo credits all over the USA.

Tits & Tugs

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Lana Ivans – Poolside Pipejob

Poolside Pipejob

Lana Ivans is a smokin' hot little doll. In "Poolside Pipejob," Lana approaches Mr. Largo reclining in the sun at the pool and proceeds to blow his shorts off into the next time zone. Incredibly sexy, Lana has a unique way of being slutty without being a slut. She's a good, wholesome-looking girl gone bad who's discovered that she enjoys all the hot, nasty action and all the attention of making photos and videos.

Lana claims that corn is responsible for her boob size. She says she eats a lot of it. She gets off big time on being fucked, swallowing and being covered in cum and using her special skills and powers to make men spurt gobs of nut-juice.

Knowing that thousands of us are enjoying her big tits on a small body, her pretty face, her slap-worthy bum-cheeks, her pretty, pink pussy and her shapely legs makes Lana feel hotter. She is one gorgeous piece of ass, a girl many men would be happy to marry and hide away. This scene was shot in the Caribbean, far from Lana's home in Romania.

Here's a babe we need to get back in the studio one day to suck on cock and ride the pocket pole. She revs our man-motors.

Poolside Pipejob

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Cindy Cupps – Gunns & Cupps: The Big Climax

Gunns & Cupps: The Big Climax

Big-boobed girl-girls were huge in the 1990s and early 2000's. SaRenna, Lisa Lipps, Chloe Vevrier, Sana Fey and many more filled the pages of SCORE with lez lovin'.

Crystal Gunns and Cindy Cupps were close friends but they weren't ready for a real girl-girl that went all the way: pussy licking, toys, kissing and all that lezzie jazz. They're both into men. The fans always asked to see them together. The editors and studio asked them a bunch of times. Cindy was the first to try a pussy-to-pussy on-camera with Kandi Cox in a nurse-patient scene. She wanted to do one with Crystal but Crystal wasn't prepared. Until one day.

"Crystal and I met at T&A's, a topless club in New York," Cindy said. "We had like a love-hate relationship. You know, like all girls. Girls are catty. One minute you're talking, the next minute you're fighting."

Crystal credited Cindy as a major inspiration. There probably wouldn't have been a Crystal Gunns without Cindy Cupps. Cindy supersized her breasts first, a few years before Crystal. Cindy discovered Crystal and recommended her to SCORE.

"Her boobs were so big that I decided to get big boobs, and we were going to be a duo act and call ourselves The Atomic Bombs," Crystal said. She decided not to do it, and I was stuck with these huge boobs, so I decided to feature. At first, I went to a D-cup, then I got bigger."

A columnist for SCORE for fourteen issues, Crystal enjoyed many aspects of the club circuit life while Cindy was a homebody. She'd dance at Cheetah 3 in Pompano Beach and was content to go home. Living in hotels and out of suitcases wasn't her thing.

The duo act never materialized but the relationship continued. In her very first SCORE interview, Crystal revealed, "If I was to do a girl-girl, Cindy would probably be my first pick, or Chelsea Charms, because those are my two best friends in the business. But I would have to think about that one. I know Cindy wants to do one. She's always telling me, 'Let's do a girl-girl!' I still have to think about it."

Said Cindy, "Crystal's very outgoing, and she's a lot of fun. I'm very quiet. Whenever we're together, she just takes over for me. She's like my protector. Whenever I don't say something, she'll speak up for me."

Their close friendship, contrasting personalities and dynamite bodies made this tits and pussy show all the more cock stiffening.

Gunns & Cupps: The Big Climax

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Whitney Stevens – U Bang Whitney

U Bang Whitney

A Jewish girl in Los Angeles, Whitney Stevens started fucking in porn at 18 instead of marrying a doctor. She's a dirty girl yet she has a wholesome look about her. Her sister Britney is a porn star also. They've banged enough guys to fill a Boeing 727.

Whitney first gives you a display of her fresh, young body. She spanks her soft ass, rubs her firm tits and licks her nipples. A quick solo show before the fucking and sucking is always worth it.

"Like these big fucking tits?" Whitney asks in this point-of-view video. "Do you want me to suck your fucking cock?" Hold up! Forget that part about wholesome! Whitney kneels between your legs so you can feed her cock. "Gimme that fucking cock!" she demands.

You get her on her back in missionary position and pound the fucking shit out of her. That's something a chick like her wants. Then you get her on her hands and knees and pump her cunt from behind. Whitney gets on her back so you can fuck her tits, giving her your cock-head to suck and lick. It's now feeding time for this little slut so you give her the drainage of your bloated balls, as she so rightfully deserves for riding you good. Too bad you forgot the spoon to collect the remainder so she can eat that too. This video is also on DVD in SCORE P.O.V.

U Bang Whitney

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Autumn-Jade – Ebony & Ivory XXX

Ebony & Ivory XXX

Autumn-Jade and Sierra. Two special girls with home-grown big tits. They met at the SCORE studio for a hot and breast-packed girl-on-girl scene

Sierra was not known for girl-girl sex--she was known for draining porn studs--but she proved she had a definite yen for pink pussy.

Both girls have very similar breasts--Autumn's were larger by a cup--so to see them squishing and squeezing their world-class jugs together is instant boner time for any man (or woman) who gets off watching the fondling, groping and sucking of female flesh. Autumn is posing for Sierra's camera and that gets them thinking about sex. With each other.

They pour oil over their big boobs before a rubdown and boob fucking. They pleasure each other's pussies and assholes, applying liberal amounts of Wett lube to their holes. They rub their thick nips against their clits. Autumn fucks Sierra's ass with plastic anal beads, pulling on the end with her teeth. Sierra sucks Autumn's love button while Autumn sticks a finger up her own ass. They share a big toy, one end in each girl's pussy. Just two nice chicks having girl fun, their huge hooters swinging like crazy.

Ebony & Ivory XXX

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