Bella Blaze – Burning Down The House

Burning Down The House

Beautiful Bella's X-Date is Largo, a tit-man who can't wait to get his fingers on the slim-n-stacked brunette's sizzling body and his pipe between her torrid tits. Bella's decked out in that old-school yet very essential outfit, a lacey bra and panty set. Very traditional, very men's mag.

Bella begins the blaze in Largo's pants by holding her bra-cupped hooters and rubbing them up and down the front of his trousers. Bella's fragile bra and panties are stripped off her body. He plays with her tits like toys while sticking a hand below to rub her triangle of pleasure, inserting a finger into her instant-open snatch-hole.

Bella responds by gripping the base of his cock and sticking the beef into her mouth. Largo lies back on the bed so Bella can stretch out alongside him and suck and tit-fuck his aching meat. Every slurp, every scorching tit-stroke is heaven.

Bella gets up and positions her soaked cunt to slide into a reverse cowgirl fuck so you can see her tits swing and bounce while she bounces. Let the flames of fiery fornicating begin! That's right, baby, spread your sweet cunt lips for Largo's hose so he can put out the fire!

Burning Down The House

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Holly Halston – Lap My Top

Lap My Top

Holly Halston began making porn when she was 26. She said at that age, she discovered what she really wanted and began exploring sex and her body. This was her first scene for SCORE. Her body is tight and toned. Dressed in a white bra and panties and wearing platform shoes that make her legs look sexier, she plays on a computer.

Troy, her then-husband, comes into the bedroom, sees her on her tummy looking at websites and wants her body right there. Holly is game to go. She is sexually assertive, one of her personality traits, and tells him she wants to suck his cock.

This scene has lusty cock sucking and pussy eating and many different pussy and ass fucking positions. Holly is a deep throat expert. Watch her take the whole hog down. Only 5' and 95 pounds, petite Holly and Troy became a porn team for years, fucking only each other in videos.

Holly trained Christy Marks in how to prepare for anal sex and returned to SCORE to shoot the DVD My WIfe Your Meat, fucking other porn studs for the first time in her career. Later, the couple split and Holly continued on in porn, fucking the usual suspects.

In recent times, Holly has become a world traveler visiting Thailand and other countries. Her body is as tight and fit as it was in this video.

Lap My Top

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Desiree – The Big-Titted Girl In Gold Boots

The Big-Titted Girl In Gold Boots

The very word "desire" is in Desiree's name. This horny fellow still lives with his parents. Blame these difficult economic times. They're not home so he sees this as an opportunity to have a private party with a hooker. Living at home saves money even if it does put a damper on dating. When the folks are out the son will have some dirty fun.

He checks out an outcall escort service and picks redhaired hottie Desiree as his play-for-pay bride for the night. He must have seen her previous SCORE videos and been impressed. Desiree shows up wearing a super-tight, low-cut dress that can barely contain her creamy white 36 triple-D sucklers so she wears a bikini top under her dress to secure and support them. Black-mesh thigh-high stockings, black mesh panties and long gold boots that almost cover all of her thighs complete the slutty-hottie look.

Clearly, Desiree must fetch a fine price for her expert services with a buxom, curvy body like that. She asks her new client what he desires today. Blow job? Tit-fuck? The man goes for broke and wants full-service. Sucking, fucking, blowing his load all over her. If it's full-service he wants, full-service is what Desiree is going to deliver. A highly-skilled professional, Desiree undresses him quickly and efficiently. Satisfaction is her goal and she knows exactly what guys want: the fuck fantasy, the total sex pleaser. The dude made a great pick when he chose Desiree. She'll drain him dry!

The Big-Titted Girl In Gold Boots

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Slone Ryder – Hot Tub Hump Machine

Hot Tub Hump Machine

This was Slone Ryder's first XXX scene. Slone was a naturally big busted dancer who discovered Voluptuous magazine in an unusual way. She retired just as she was getting warmed up.

Said Slone, "I was dancing for a number of years at The Manhattan Club in Richmond, Kentucky and I even did some softcore films. But, I felt like I was ready to do something a little more bold. I was getting a little bored and decided I wanted to branch out and get into modeling and performing in hardcore films. I have always wanted to do that, but I just never sought out the opportunity. I actually had a Voluptuous magazine at my house and I saw your email address and I sent you an email and that's what got me here. My brother is a distributor in our area. I knew about Voluptuous, so I asked him for a copy. I was very curious because I had heard of the company and wanted to see what it was all about."

Slone was a natural at posing nude (from her stage work), masturbation and fucking on-camera.
Her big tits get Slone lots of attention. Who wouldn't get a lump in their pants seeing that body?

"My measurements are 40-32-40, and my bra size is normally a 34DDD or even an E-cup, but E-cup bras are much more difficult to find, so for most of my bras I'll go a size bigger and wear a 36DD. That fits really snug, but it gets the job done."

It sure did.

Hot Tub Hump Machine

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Jayden Prescott – <i>SCORE</i> Reader’s Wife

<i>SCORE</i> Reader's Wife

Jayden Prescott's got a big-boob fetish. This is an understatement. "I have 100 SCORE DVDs and dozens of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines at home," wrote Jayden.

Jayden took four very basic nude photos at home (just standing, arms at her sides) and emailed them to the SCORE studio (

When Jayden arrived, she said that she and her husband are big fans. Her husband has been a SCORE and Voluptuous reader since 1993 and is a SCORELAND member also and the reason that she's a fan. Meeting and marrying Jayden fulfilled a major life's goal for him. His own SCORE Girl at home!

They read every issue cover-to-cover and they collect the DVDs. They know a lot about SCORE's history. They're fans. A dream audience. There are two videos of Jayden on the SCORELAND Blog. When Jayden arrived, she said that besides posing bare, she wanted to try XXX boy-girl action. With anal too! This was like hitting a jackpot in Las Vegas.

"I've got the greatest husband, letting me do SCORE while he's home," Jayden said. "He didn't even mind that I'm going to have sex. In fact, he encouraged me to do it. The thing that attracted me to my husband was how consistent he was. He's a down-to-Earth guy. Never pushy. Never judgmental. He kinda lets me do my own thing. That's the best part. He lets me be here, and he's at home working. He's been reading the magazines since 1993. Pretty much since the beginning. My husband was the second guy I've had sex with. The guy I'm with today [JMac] will be the third guy I've ever fucked."

Jayden is super-horny. Her hub is a lucky man! Having this babe around the house, a busty hottie who's into the SCORE scene, has many SCORE DVDs at home, buys sexy clothes and fuck-me shoes...well, that's the ultimate boob heaven for a breast-lover. Right? When Jayden was getting spread and fucked in the studio, we could hear her yells of pleasure through the wall. She is a sensational sex partner and clearly loves cum all over her tits and on her lips. Jayden is a SCORE Girl and is proud to be one!

<i>SCORE</i> Reader's Wife

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Alexis Silver – Busty Fuck Bunny

Busty Fuck Bunny

Alexis Silver (Mamazon The Movie) feels clammy and sticky on a hot day. She decides to refresh her lovely body with a cool shower. Just in time for you, her date, who's been staring at her shower through the bathroom window. The P.O.V. fuck action starts with hot oral cock-worship when you show up to sex her! You don't feel like taking this lovely, busty young woman out for a meal. You'll just fuck the shit out of her in her bedroom and make her big boobs all messy and sticky when she drains your balls. So Alexis's day started sticky and ended sticky.

Sadly (at least for us), Alexis quit and started a business back home in the United Kingdom. But she enjoyed her porn life while it lasted.

"Sure, there are girls in porn who don't enjoy it," Alexis told us before her decision to leave the porn world. "They're idiots. They need to get out of the business because they're bringing down the reputation of our industry because then they're saying things like, 'Oh, I'm being abused, I'm being exploited' and all that garbage. I love my work. I love performing. I get off on it. It's not even so much the sex I enjoy. I enjoy the fact that I know there are guys sitting at home jerking off watching my stuff. That's what really gets me going, and I love putting on a performance for somebody."

Alexis liked this kind of P.O.V. porn. "If I can look at the camera, and I love looking at the camera, I do, and if I can't look at the camera, I do tend to close my eyes because I want to look at the camera. I think it's the performance thing. I want to be looking into the camera so I'll feel a bit of a personal connection with the viewer. I want the guy at home to know that I'm looking at him and thinking about him, almost like, 'I wish I was fucking you right now' or 'I wish I was sucking your cock right now.' For me, there's a very personal connection between me and the viewer. One of the best parts about porn is knowing that somebody is watching me."

Busty Fuck Bunny

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Sierra Skye – Stood Up

Stood Up

Sierra Skye is a Floridian and a tits & ass winner.

Says Sierra, "I do like being a cock tease so I like to wear short skirts with no panties and tight tops just to make guys drool. It's fun watching guys stare and have them know they can't have you." However, in this SCORE Video, Sierra doesn't get away with any cock teasing. Instead, you'll see her in cock pleasing. If she normally dresses like she is dressing here, it's no surprise that she leaves a trail of boob-dogs with hanging tongues.

"I was a cheerleader in high school and I don't care what anyone says...cheerleading is definitely a sport!" Sierra doesn't wear her cheerleader costume but she does dress very sexy, flaunting her great body in a low-cut titty top and short skirt. "I'm an exhibitionist. I'm into a lot of things but nothing too crazy. I like rough sex but nothing like BDSM or anything crazy like that. I'm just a normal, horny girl who likes to spend all day on the beach."

When Sierra discovers that her date has abandoned her, she takes on his roommate. Tony Rubino strips her down, the better to check out her sexy tan lines. In record time, he's fucking her 44-inch hangers and her sweet pussy and the boyfriend is forgotten. It was a pleasure seeing Sierra ridin'! The moral of the story is never leave your date hanging because another guy will take over the banging.

Stood Up

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Lisa Lipps – Big Boob Threesome

Big Boob Threesome

Three legends of SCORE have a girl-party in this ultra rare scene filmed during what charter SCORE guys call the "Golden Age" of mega-boobed girls (1990 to 1997) when they dominated strip clubs, talk shows such as Sally Jesse Raphael and big bust magazines. SCORE is the only big tit magazine still at newsstands. The others couldn't keep it up and ceased publication.

This three-way sex orgy is one of the hottest lesbian parties ever held during this golden age. In The Bahamas on a remote estate, Tawny strips off on the patio deck and prepares to get some sun. Huge-breasted Lisa Lipps comes over. She brings a bottle of oil with her and begins to oil down Tawny. The feel of Tawny's skin gets Lisa worked up and she begins licking her tits.

Tawny gets into the girl play and the two suck and lick each other's nipples and clits. They go inside and continue their sexing. Lisa gives Tawny's beautiful cunt a lube job with her tongue. Ethereally gorgeous SaRenna Lee walks into the room and joins in. SaRenna's wearing a huge strap-on! Lisa tries on the rubber cock and fucks SaRenna. Tawny licks, nibbles and kisses Lisa's huge knockers.

Lisa was a porn star by this time but SaRenna and Tawny kept to their girl codes of no hardcore fucking with men. Tawny is now retired while SaRenna has her own clip site today. Lisa retired from the adult industry and is now a New Age mystic and lecturer.

As a scholar once wrote, "The moving finger clicks the shutter and having snapped the picture, moves on."

Big Boob Threesome

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Carmen Hayes – Busty Pole Worker

Busty Pole Worker

Carmen Hayes, we salute you!

She's not a firefighter but ultra-flexible Carmen Hayes has enough pole sliding practice to be one. The busty stripper gets a customer so worked up with her body-shaking skills and huge jiggling tits that he loses his mind. Carmen decides to help him lose a load while he's still there. She meets him in the VIP room and after a couch dance, he fucks the hell out of her tight, grinding pussy in numerous positions. She turns men into crazy men.

Please also observe the greatness of Carmen's blow jobs. Sloppy, drooling deep-throat action of the best kind. Carmen does not go halfway. She goes as far south on the mark's pole as she does on the stage pole. Other models that do hardcore with men should study what Carmen does to cock. It's a shame that the yearly adult awards show in Vegas does not honor her with a best cock-sucking award. If all strippers could be like Carmen Hayes, the world would be a much better place.

Carmen told SCOREtv host Dave in episode 6 that her boob size changes depending on her body weight. She's been down to a D cup at some times. In other words, if Carmen is dieting, it's not good. "It all goes to my ass and my boobs," Carmen says. So when she's eating, her tits and butt are fine and full, up to an FF. And then there was the controversy that Carmen may have had augmentation. Carmen refuted those vicious, filthy lies by showing every inch of her big tits and there was no trace of a scar anywhere. While at it, she also showed her ability to suck on her own nipples.

Busty Pole Worker

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Hayden – A Famous Amateur

A Famous Amateur

Hayden already had a cult following on the internet when she came to SCORE. She is a busty businesswoman with an exhibitionistic streak that she satisfied through combining a lusty sex drive with photography and the internet. Before the internet and digital cameras became popular and usable, women like Hayden would take naked photos just for their lovers and husbands or for Naughty Neighbors magazine. Originally, she blurred her face. Later on, she did hardcore videos at home without hiding her face.

Hayden's signifcant other is the right man for a woman like her. He loves taking photos of her in sexy, tight clothes that emphasizes her huge tits and erection-making body. Parks, beaches, elevators, adult lingerie shops, hotel rooms. The husbands of Barbie Kelley, Kelly Christiansen and Shelby Gibson and the ex of Diane Poppos have the same yen that compels them to constantly take hot pictures and videos of their wives.

"I had posted some pictures on a voyeur site and someone wrote in saying I should consider modeling for Voluptuous," Hayden said. "So I submitted some pictures and got a wonderful response."

"I do all sorts of things on my site, from clothed pictures, very candid, to things more risqué like posing as the girl next door, peeking through her bedroom window or in the bathroom. I also do topless and insertion and things like that. I have a lot of fun when I do the pictures. I'm a sexual girl. I like videos and I like pictures. I enjoy those things. I believe it's very important to keep things exciting and erotic. I know it probably sounds unusual, but I really do enjoy watching porn. I love watching videos. It's a huge turn-on for me. I enjoy seeing the interaction of men and women together. I like the hardcore stuff. I love seeing women together. I just think it's fun and gives me ideas to add creativity to my sex life."

Before Hayden got into the public flashing and exhibitionism, she considered that most terrible of acts, a breast reduction.

"I guess I didn't see them as necessary. I thought they were much too large for any good use. I don't know. I guess I didn't have anyone appreciating them like I do now. It was just something I had thought about for many years, so I went to see a doctor. I even went through the entire process, then I got down to the very last appointment, just before my surgery, and decided against it. In my heart, I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to go ahead with it. It's not reversible. You can't have a reduction and then go back up again and have them look natural, so I thought, 'This is the way that I am and I'm going to make it work and be happy with it.' I am so happy every day that I didn't make that decision."

A Famous Amateur

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