Holly Halston – Secrets Of A Soccer Mom

Secrets Of A Soccer Mom

Holly Halston is one of the all-time nastiest, dirty-mouthed, busty MILFS in the history of porn. Her stacked little body is tight and toned. In this scene, shot in your point of view, she comes out of the surf looking very sexy, strips off her suit and lies down on the beach blanket. She needs a hand to apply suntan oil. You'll do. The people at the beach watching her off-camera were glued to her every move until she and the crew left.

You and Holly return to the house so you can fuck her brains out. Holly's dick slurping is always fun to watch. Her experienced butthole grips your fuckin' dick as her butt is ravished. So does her tight mommy pussy. Few can talk as filthy during sex as Holly, a dirty bitch with the mouth and tongue of a whore. She's proud of it.

Holly fucks hard and likes it hard and rough because she is into it. After you drain your hose on her asscrack, she wipes the cum with her finger and licks it, wipes her butthole with a finger and sticks it in her mouth. There's none of this, "I don't do this, I don't do that" from her. That's why there was only one big-titted porn-slut in the world who could properly teach Christy Marks about ass-fucking some years ago: Holly Halston. That's why a DVD called My Wife Your Meat just starring Holly was made.

Secrets Of A Soccer Mom

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Misty Knights – Rent-A-Cop


Tampa tit-shaker Misty Knights measured 40-24-36 when she visited SCORE for this busty cop lap dance show and fuck. This classic scene is part of the DVD SCORE Xtra #5 co-starring Minka & Kayla Kleevage, Haley Hills, Ashley Evans and Julia Miles.

Misty's randy behavior inspired us to cast her. On stage at the Miss Nude Porn contest at the notorious Tootsie's Cabaret in North Miami (not far from SCORE), mega-boobed stripper sensation Misty hauled out a huge cock-shaped dildo with balls that squirted milk when she squeezed it. Within seconds, the giant toy was up her cunt. Not content with that, a milk-coated Misty also fucked herself with a bottle of Bud. This was one of those rare cases when wearing a raincoat at stage-side wouldn't be embarrassing. Misty went on to more hardcore after us. We're not sure if she is still dancing or if she retired.


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Veronika – Veronika Meets Mr. Titsucker

Veronika Meets Mr. Titsucker

In 2005 Veronika was a toothy blonde Czech bra-buster who made a splash, then dropped out of sight for several years. She returned as a redhead with a little more girl-flesh and bigger boobs. Beautiful, all-natural tits.

"My sex drive has only gotten stronger as I get older," Veronika told our staffers with the help of a translator. She speaks some English but doesn't say a hell of a lot when Mr. Titsucker arrives to lick her pink hole and stuff her throat with cock. Veronika strips off completely and gets fucked totally nude. Even the heels come off.

"I consider myself 100% sexually liberated," said Veronika off-camera to a staffer who translated. "To make a living at doing what I love...is there anything better than that for me? I don't think so."

Veronika's into sport fucking which is why she decided to get into porn. She gets off psychologically being a sexual slut. Most of the Czech guys in porn have big dicks and she loves that. Everything about doing porn turns her on; the cameras, the lights, the outfits, the preparation of makeup and hair, the money and all that.

After disappearing again for a while, Veronika resurfaced two years ago, blonde, a bit heavier with bigger jugs and ready for more porn at SCORELAND.

Veronika Meets Mr. Titsucker

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Chloe Vevrier – Whole Lotta Shavin’

Whole Lotta Shavin'

This is a very rare 1998 video of Chloe Vevrier and Rocki Roads meeting on-video. One of them has a razor in her hand, but it's not what it sounds like. Rocki shaves the hirsute Chloe, removing her armpit hair, the hair around her butt-hole and trimming the hair around her pussy, leaving a nicely shaped muff. Then the two babes take turns going down on each other, licking their cunts to cum-town.

Rocki Roads was an American stripper and porn star from New Haven, Connecticut who was active from 1996 to 2000 in a relatively short but intense career. She was gorgeous and had a sleek, well-toned, slim and busty body. Her tits were not super huge in an era of SaRenna Lee and Busty Dusty but certainly big and sexy enough although she was not a bust-star like most of the SCORE superstars.

Born December 22, 1973, Rocki was featured in numerous magazines and appeared six times in SCORE plus once in Hot SCORE, a German-language version of SCORE. A very beautiful girl, Rocki was considered by many fans to be the most-beautiful girl with the greatest body on the strip club scene of the 1990s. She was working at a Wendy's burger joint and quit to waitress at a strip club. From there, she moved into dancing. During her dancing and porn years, Rocki was a marketing whiz, selling all kinds of personalized merchandise through the mail and at live appearances.

Whole Lotta Shavin'

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Farrah – Maid To Clean Cocks

Maid To Clean Cocks

How did someone built like Farrah "36HH" Vancock escape detection for so long by the boob radar system installed at SCORE? Farrah has fantastic, massive jugs made for sucking. Farrah likes her men to be foot fetishists and breast worshippers. She says she has a tit fetish and expects any guy who's interested in her to be crazy over tits also. She thought it would be hot to role-play as the sexy maid that shows up at a house with her tits spilling out of her too-tight bra.

She drives Tony insane while she dusts and towers over him. He pitches a tent-pole while watching Farrah and soon she's on her tummy on the couch, tits on his thigh, swallowing his beef. This is really a terrific maid service Tony has found.

Tony fucks Farrah's pussy and pounds away. This babe's a lotto winner as in a lotto tits. Sadly enough, she only did two fuck scenes. We never saw her again. But we'll always have these mementos.

"If a man doesn't act like the boss, most women will not respect him," says Farrah, who is a pretty sharp chick. "Most girls won't say this but it's true. They don't respect the wimp. Now I don't expect a man to be a brute; I expect him to be an intelligent, strong-willed gentleman and treat me well. But he should be the leader in the relationship, even if it's just a no-strings fun and sex casual relationship."

Maid To Clean Cocks

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Joy Juggs – The Joy Of Fucking Juggs

The Joy Of Fucking Juggs

Joy Juggs was a Florida gal with gigantic, natural tits. Heavy and fully packed with breastmeat. There was no slack and no droop. Her boobs were thick and dense. She was one of those girls who debuted in hardcore before her solo scenes.

Joy was born in the UK and moved to America when she was a child. "I was a D-cup when I was twelve," Joy said. "I don't remember ever not having big boobs. I was a triple-D when I was a freshman in high school."

Her schoolmates were not nice. "All of their boyfriends looked at my boobs, and they all wanted to talk to me and the other girls didn't like that too much. They all thought I was trashy and slutty and slept around a lot just because I had big boobs. At that time, I was actually still a virgin.

"My nipples are extremely sensitive. When I masturbate, I suck my own nipples. I usually masturbate maybe every other day. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I want to masturbate every day. Usually night-time, after a shower. Sometimes when I get home from the gym at 5am, I'm really horny. I guess I'm amped with endorphins from exercising. So then I want to masturbate. I've tried with my fingers but I can't come. I have one of those high-powered vibrators that plug into the wall. It works very well! I also have a pocket rocket that I keep in my car and sometimes if I'm stuck in the drive-thru at the bank, I'll use it."

When Joy has a titty-lover ready to fuck her, she loves to squeeze his dick between her boobs. "I like oral sex. I like to give head. I think that's neat. Most guys like that. I don't meet too many who don't. I'm pretty good at that. And most guys can be pretty selfish in that way too. They usually like me to kneel or get on my back so they can fuck my tits. My favorite position is doggie 'cause it can get rough and I can get my hair pulled also. I like thick cocks. It doesn't have to be so long, but thick is good. Short is really no good either, though. As long as the girth is there."

The Joy Of Fucking Juggs

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Claudia KeAloha – KeAloha Means Sex

KeAloha Means Sex

Claudia and her bedmate Mr. Largo are dozing when Claudia wakes up. She sleeps in a bra to keep her large hooters supported and secure. Horny immediately, Claudia touches her tits, pulls her bra down and rubs the nipples, getting excited.

She needs cock, bad. The hormones are pumping in the morning. She throws off the covers, still dressed in stockings, panties and bra, and starts engulfing Largo's cock with her drooling mouth. Claudia has plans for his rod: stick it in her pussy hole and do a special pole dance on it. She's got the horny morning blues and she needs action. She's ready to ride the buckaroo to the Big O ranch!

"I love breast squeezing and sucking," Claudia told SCORE's editors. "I like my tits handled roughly but gently at the same time. My tits are very soft and can be squeezed hard. My nipples are very, very sensitive so no biting or pulling hard on them. Gentle sucks are best for my nipples. Kissing and my tits being sucked make me cum the hardest.

"I like missionary position because I love to have my tits sucked while I have sex and also to be kissed. I like to see the guy's face and have eye contact with him too. My least favorite is doggie because I can't see anything.

"As you may have seen in my videos I love giving head. I love to get my guy very hard by giving him head before I let him in my pussy. I am tight so I like big cocks, but due to my small pussy they can be hard to take. So it is important but I don't need a really huge dick."

Claudia gets a huge dick anyway. She deserves one.

KeAloha Means Sex

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Harmony Bliss – It’s Bliss To Be In Harmony

It's Bliss To Be In Harmony

In 2004, Harmony told a SCORE editor, "When I was growing up, I used to love seeing older pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot and Raquel Welch--the voluptuous glamour girls. I don't think you see that as much now. With SCORE, there seem to be a lot more natural-looking girls. Myself, I like seeing the girls get all dolled up for the photo shoot, in fancy outfits, sexy lingerie, like the pin-up girls of old used to do. I don't even like all of the XXX hardcore. I like the glamour stuff more. I don't need to see cum shots and I'm not a huge fan of those close-up shots."

Do you know how long the wait was to see Harmony do a hardcore scene? She first posed naked at SCORE in July, 2001. This first XXX scene was shot in September, 2008. Scientists claim that every cell in our skeleton is replaced every seven years. Still, it was worth the wait to see Harmony get sexed.

Harmony Bliss is wearing a string bikini at poolside. She begins playing with her tits. Harmony pulls on her bikini bottom. When she pulls it aside, her "outie" (self-opening pussy) can be seen. Carlos comes over, Harmony hands him a bottle of suntan oil and has him grease her up. Harmony reaches out for his cock and tells Carlos she enjoys the taste.

The blonde suggests they head to a room. Harmony spits on his cock and blows him, hands-free. She's learned a few things from porn guys. She can get about half of his thick cock in her mouth. Carlos wants to stuff Harmony's pink taco and flips her over so he can fuck her, standing by the bed as she lays on her back. He fucks her fast, the bed frame knocking with each thrust.

Harmony's big tits shake as Carlos rams her. Harmony gets on her hands and knees for a doggie. She rides his cock in a reverse cowgirl and then in cowgirl. She sits on the bed while he stands by her, ready for cum. Harmony continues to demonstrate the hidden talent she has for sex on-camera but kept hidden during her years of toy playing. She finishes him off by jerking his cock with her hand... her tongue begging for the man-juice she wants his nuts to spurt all over her big boobs.

It's Bliss To Be In Harmony

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Daphne Rosen – Daphne Stretches A Sweater & A Cock

Daphne Stretches A Sweater & A Cock

When heavy-duty sweater stretching is required--not just routine fabric elongation but G-force button-hole stretching--the experts must be called in or it's simply amateur night with a C-cupper at some SCORE-copycat schlock-site.

That's why we called upon super-pornstar Daphne Rosen (one of the few Jewish porn girls not interested in marrying a doctor) to stretch a tight sweater and get her asshole stretched at the same time by the big boner. She is a girl with amazing fuck powers and skills, far beyond those of mortal humans.

The sweater Daphne wears truly is a classic: long sleeved, buttoned down the front and bare at the belly. Now the deal with the sweater here is that Daphne keeps it on in different stages while she's sucking the stiff one, riding a cock in her cunt or being boned up the pooper as only she can do it. Daphne also uses it to wipe a big load of cum off her tits.

Not that we were thinking of making this sweater a prize in one of our SCORE magazine giveaways as we've done with Daphne's bra but we did wonder what happened to the garment after this fuck-fest wrapped up. The answer will probably never be known and maybe it's better that way.

Daphne Stretches A Sweater & A Cock

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Heather Lane – Big Tits For A Big Cock

Big Tits For A Big Cock

Heather Lane was a strapping, big-breasted MILF. She was a school teacher. Heather lived in Puerto Rico, a mere two hours from Miami. Heather did two XXX scenes and some magazine pictorials and never modeled again, sadly. Her sex skills with hard cock were top-shelf.

She described what she did with Anthony in this boob-packed scene.

"I did a number of things. I sat on top of his cock and rode and rode and rode, then he put me on my side and thrust real deep. He's got this big, hard cock, and he teased me a little bit, then he slammed it into me really hard. It made me just scream with pain, but it was a good kind of pain. Very enjoyable. Then he stuck that big, hard cock between my boobs, and I squeezed it tight, and he almost came all over my tits. He had to stop. Then he fucked me doggie-style, which is one of my favorite positions. He just grabbed me and slapped my ass and fucked me deep, and I felt his balls against my pussy. Oh! He just rode me really hard. I am just exhausted."

Heather gushed even more about the sex in this video.

"We must have spent an hour just having wonderful sex. He's got a big, big, hard cock, and he knew what to do with it. I absolutely loved it. And he played with my big tits, and he came all over me and in my mouth, and I swallowed his cum. It was delicious!"

She didn't lick Anthony's butt, but she talked about man-ass.

"A lot of guys like to have their assholes licked, and I love it. It's a turn-on. I just love spreading those cheeks and sucking that asshole and going right down to the balls and licking and sucking them and going real deep on the cock. It's such a turn-on! I can cum that way, just sucking a guy's cock and asshole and balls. And I love touching that special spot between his asshole and his balls. Then I'll suck his balls again then grab him, flip him over again and make him beg me to suck his cock. Then I like to take that cock and make it cum and swallow every bit of it."

Big Tits For A Big Cock

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