Alanna Ackerman – Big Boob Squealer

Big Boob Squealer

Alanna Ackerman said she's a sex freak. She's a Florida girl and is used to wearing skimpy little outfits that show everything all year long. "I love sex more than life itself. I have a huge nipple fetish so I love looking at girls that have big tits. I can't go a day without fucking. I'm also a chronic masturbator.

"Sex in a photo shoot and video can be more exciting than private sex because I'm going to be watched by so many guys that I want to look as hot as I can. The sex is a show. The clothes, the shoes, the dirty positions, being a slave to the man's cock. In real life, in private, a girl can coast. But if she wants to attract the attention of thousands of guys, and keep their attention, it's a way different story."

How many guys has Alanna fucked in her life, on-and-off screen?

"I stopped keeping track when I was 18. At some point you just have to give up. Dont worry though. I remember every guy by something he did I liked or maybe he was just really hot."

Does she get together with girlfriends and describe their hottest sexual encounters and the guys they've had with the biggest cocks?

"I guess you could say this is where I am a little selfish. I don't like to give the girls names, but, yes, sometimes we chat about the last hot piece of ass we got. I am just not too quick to give out my favorites, the ones I want for myself."

Big Boob Squealer

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Carmen Hayes – Busty Hooker Carmen

Busty Hooker Carmen

When it comes to extreme contortionistic sex positions, enthusiasm and hyper-energetic banging, like fucking with her ankles behind her neck, Carmen Hayes is at the very top of the list of agile and busty sex stars. This scene is also in the DVD Busty Hookers, a go-to jack movie.

Carmen's minding her own bad girl bizness, just holding up her end. Wandering the streets looking for the right hooker, Jean Val Jean (that's French for "John") is going out of his mind. If he doesn't fuck soon, he's going to need a wheelchair. Then he spots Carmen. Does he have enough bread to get her to spread? The question's rhetorical.

Jean eyes Carmen's wiggle as they stroll to the sleazy motel that she calls her work station. Her bountiful jugs get special handling first once the door is locked, as is only proper. She throat-fucks his dick with lots of drool and messy saliva strings, giving him a cock sucking fit for a king, or at least the CEO of a publicly held corporation.

Carmen discovered how hyper-flexible her joints were when she was watching a TV show about people with unusual abilities. She continued to hone her talents in fitness classes and says she feels no discomfort in her behind-the-neck pretzel-poses. "If I hadn't made it in porn, I'd most definitely have been in a sideshow in a circus," Carmen said on SCOREtv Season 1 Episode 6.

Busty Hooker Carmen

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Holly Halston – Fill Miss Halston’s Asshole

Fill Miss Halston's Asshole

Are you glad you enrolled in adult education classes? SCORE porn star Mrs. Holly Halston will be the instructor of your human sexuality course tonight. Look at the top she's almost not wearing and check out Mrs. Halston's cleavage. You could set a lunch tray on that boob shelf.

Holly drops her bra and top to jiggle those fuckable jugs in your face. She tells you to stay after the bell rings. The other students pile out. You stay. First, Mrs. Halston shows you what she's made of. Her fucking tits, her fucking cunt, her fucking asshole. She's pretty, tiny and stacked with a 36 inch bust and 32DD cups.

Mrs. Halston's kept you after class for one reason. A close encounter of the fifth kind! What's that? Hands, mouth, tits, pussy and asshole. You are going to fuck Mrs. Halston's pussy and asshole right on her desk. Her pussy and butthole will grip your dick as you slide it in and out. And she's not going to want you to spray your load of cum in her brown winky. She wants you to pull your cock out of her asshole, put it in her mouth and shoot your man-cream on her tongue so she can swallow it down. It's true. Do you know why?

Fill Miss Halston's Asshole

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Denise Derringer – Tits-A-Poppin’


The plot of the SCORE feature movie Tits-A-Poppin' is a little complicated and not unlike a Twilight Zone episode. With a lot of fucking.

The owner of a recording company gives his male executives a vial of liquid that gives them the telekinetic power to open a woman's top so that their tits fall out. And when a girl's tits fall out of their top, she naturally wants to fuck. Now the recording industry is packed with sexy hopefuls. Always has been, always will be. It's a never-ending parade, making it a fertile ground for bagging hot chicks.

Denise Derringer from Texas and her Texas-sized boobs are here to audition for a contract. Denise is truly a charming country-western hottie and dresses the part for this meeting. Unlike the upstanding adult industry, the recording industry is rife with sleaze who make it a priority to try to fuck the female talent.

When Denise arrives, sleazy Tony's top-poppin' power guarantees that he'll be fucking Denise's mouth, pussy and butthole in record time.


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Kiko Lee – Happy Ending Hand Party

Happy Ending Hand Party

"You found me on," Kiko said. "I posted my own ad there just to see what would happen and then I got an email from you. But I'd seen SCORE in adult bookstores because I buy costumes there all the time. I always see the girls with big boobs in the magazine and I thought 'How can I get in there?' I wanted to be in the magazine but I didn't have a clue how to get in."

An exotic cocktail of Asian (Okinawa) and Latin, Kiko has exceptionally large areolae, as wide as pancakes. They are close to Cindy Cupps' width. "When a guy meets me and spends any time with me, he almost always stares at my chest," says Kiko. "The edges of my areolae overflow the tops of my bras. Guys want me to massage their bodies with my boobs."

Kiko is anxious to get the cock in her palms and start jerking it. Private hand parties are one of her specialties. Kiko has very good hand job technique, holding the base with one hand while she strokes with the other hand.

Kiko applies finger massaging pressure to his nuts, squeezing them so the cum will blast out.

"You came all over those titties," says Kiko. "Titties're all milky. Like seeing these titties all milky?" she asks as she rubs the sperm on her tits. She holds them up to show that they are dripping with cum. Kiko Lee knows she's a great Happy Ending Girl and proves it.

Happy Ending Hand Party

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Brianna Bragg – Tit-Fuck Tryout

Tit-Fuck Tryout

Brianna Bragg looks like the girl-next-door, talks like the girl-next-door and fucks like the girl-next-door. That's why she's so easy to jerk off to. Before Brianna Bragg tried big-boob porn for a year, she was a Specialist Grade E4 in the Army. Private First Class Bragg learned a great deal from her time in the military, such as how to follow orders. Here she follows orders such as "suck my dick and sit on it."

A military brat, Brianna Bragg left many a porn stud fatigued and we have the pictures and videos to prove it. Brianna likes bossy guys who are not shy about getting a girl to put out.

"Sexually, I'm up for anything but I really just like normal stuff, nothing crazy," says Brianna. "The first time I had sex, my boyfriend at the time lasted about 30 seconds. Terrible. But the guys in porn have big cocks and do a good job."

Brianna Bragg is wheeling a shopping cart across the parking lot of a supermarket. You can't help but notice Brianna's natural, big boobs from 100 feet away. The "Tit-Fuck Tryout" team stops her with their breast test, drives her to SCORE and films Brianna dancing on Ashley's pole.

Tit-Fuck Tryout

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April McKenzie – Tits On Top

Tits On Top

What could be better than coming home after a day at work to a busty hottie all dolled-up and hot for you? Two busty hotties eager for your cock.

April McKenzie has a surprise. A big surprise. Tera Cox! Gift-wrapped in a box. All for you. "Now you have four tits instead of two," April sweetly says. "Is it better to have two than one?"

Is this the ultimate guy dream? Having two girl-next-door types with huge, natural hooters ready to make you happy. Coming home to your man-cave and getting the full treatment from two big-boobed Voluptuous babes. They suck your cock, rub it between their soft, rounded cleavage and fuck it. It doesn't get better than this, Boob Men.

Tits On Top

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Trish Bailey – Wet T-shirt Boinking

Wet T-shirt Boinking

In this sleazy warehouse, Trish Bailey prepares for a private wet T-shirt show. The icy cold water makes her nipples stiff and at attention. Big Cock Tony can't wait to spear Trish with his shiny cock when the opening festivities give way to sex. They start with nipple sucking... because her big bazoomas deserve to be sucked and squeezed as much as possible, every day and night. Then it's time for Trish to use her mouth, tongue, lips and big tits on him. Holes are ripped in her tee for better tit-fucking traction. Those boobs were made for tit-fucking. Tony is greedy and wants it all from this chick. He needs her pussy, open and wet for his pumper. No one will see them fucking in this building. Tony's made sure of that. He'll fuck her all night if he feels like it. And Trish wants as much trouser-meat as she can get. She's gone with him to this desolate place because she knows he can deliver the beef. Trish likes to play dirty girl games with a dirty guy.

Wet T-shirt Boinking

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Alix Lakehurst – Geek Boob Squad

Geek Boob Squad

Alix Lakehurst needs her PC checked out so the company sends over a guy with a big tool to fix it. And while he's there, he might as well serve Alix too. She could use some personal servicing. So Alix sits in a chair and watches Jmac at work. She starts playing with her big tits and smiles at him. He doesn't need an engraved invitation after that. JMac gets the message without the need for a text, an email, a Tweet or anything else. The old ways of a girl signaling she wants to get fucked are still the best!

Alix's big jugs are an extra bonus for the techie about to enjoy the feel of her lips and pussy wrapped around his cable.

"I don't dress like a slut," Alix says. "But with my body, it's hard not to look sexy." She's right. That's why this dude is like a kid in a candy store and her tits are like bon-bons to him!

"I'm attracted to geeky, strong guys that can pick me up over their shoulder and fix my computer. I love hair too. Hairy chests are wonderful to rub and I also like a bit of a gut, believe it or not. If I have a fetish about anything, it would be hairy chests. I have never been into looks."

Geek Boob Squad

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Harmony Heart – Busty Bikini Bimbo Bash

Busty Bikini Bimbo Bash

Here's Harmony Heart, a hot, heavy-hootered honey who should have kept the momentum going but she only did a few scenes and that was it. This was one of two that she did. It wasn't just her face and body. Harmony had a lot of sex appeal.

"I didn't know I was so good at giving blowjobs," said Harmony. "He [SCORE stud Colton] said to me that he'd done lots of scenes with porn stars but that no one had sucked his cock as good as I did. That made me feel really good. I've watched a lot of porn. Being told that I rated so high compared to them made me feel proud.

"I've always been very oral. I love giving head. Every guy is different. Some guys get off best when I lick the head. Some guys like hard suction while I squeeze their balls in an upward motion... like to push the cum out. Some guys just lay there. Some guys like to hold my head. Other guys like to see my eyes with my mouth stuffed with their cocks. Every guy I meet likes his dick sucked in a different way."

Busty Bikini Bimbo Bash

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