Carmen Hayes – Ballin’ Carmen Hayes

Ballin' Carmen Hayes

You wouldn't think Carmen Hayes is also a basketball star, would you? We know she's a SCORE star. We know she has huge tits and a hot ass. We know she can put her ankles behind her neck and can fuck in that position. We know she completely drains the nuts of any man who has the opportunity to stuff her hoop. (Just check out Carmen in the movie Busty Hookers.)

In this SCORE Video, we take you behind the scenes at a stadium that cannot be named and to the ladies locker room, where Carmen shows, once again, why she's a champ at stopping the clock and pumping the cock. Fortunately, the other players on Carmen's female basketball team have already exited after the big game so Carmen can start The Big Show for her fuck-friend.

There are times when Mother Nature gets it right and mixes everything into one perfect package. In the case of curvaceous Carmen Hayes, nature got it more than right. This woman has it all: perfect big tits, perfect ass, killer legs, brains, a gorgeous smile and the ability to put her legs behind her neck and more. And did we mention she loves to lick every drop of cum?

Ballin' Carmen Hayes

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Kim Hines – From Brassiere To Eternity

From Brassiere To Eternity

There are some Voluptuous magazine readers who have every issue since 1994. A look at some of the girls of that time reveals how great a group they were. Models like LaTina, Bonnie Banks, Lisa Miller, Rhonda Baxter, Alice, Calle and many others. It makes a tit-man wonder what all of them are doing today.

We know that Rhonda got hitched. The others, most likely the same. Many of them modeled only a few times. They lived average lives with average jobs and dabbled in nude photo-modeling as a lark and for extra income. Others stayed in the game for a few years. Some stayed in a different kind of spotlight, like Candye Kane, who became a well-known professional touring musician and blues/jazz singer with her own band.

Kim Hines, aka Kim Eternity, became a big name in Voluptuous magazine in the 1990s. Her first V-mag was the May 1995 edition. She was a friend of LaTina's in high school. When LaTina was about to do her first shoot for a V-mag photographer in San Diego, Kim entered the studio for boudoir modeling. They renewed ties, and LaTina recommended that giant-chested Kim shoot for V-mag.

Kim became one of the first big-busted, black fuck-video and magazine stars. She fucks black porn guys and white porn guys. Cock size and skill, not skin color, matters to Kim. Kim still performs today while her contemporaries have long been out of the modeling world. Very few girls have this kind of lasting power.

From Brassiere To Eternity

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Dominno – U Bang Dominno

U Bang Dominno

Opinions differ but Czech chicks seem to live on the wild side more than any other nationality. Here, Dominno worships the faceless SCORE Man with her tongue, big tits and slit in P.O.V. camera work. She gives him a sweet smile and a sexy look and knows she's in for it.

What is it about these Czech girls that makes them so sexed-up? There are many theories, but who really cares. The proof is in their near-obsessive worship of cock on-camera. Most Czech models that do adult do XXX porn. Few do nudity alone. In fact, we have filmed them. But most have few limits, unlike Brits and Americans.

He hands Dominno a tiny top so he can savor how her jugs look in it before he fucks the shit out of her. She expects a pounding or she'll be dissatisfied. These girls crave male power, domination and control. That's why they are doing this in the first place.

After modeling numerous times for SCORE in Hungary and the Czech Republic, Dominno retired from porn in 2011 and now does only glamour shoots. Dominno got married a couple of years ago and her wedding was filmed for a reality show in the Czech Republic. All of the guests arrived on motorcycles because the newlyweds are riders.

U Bang Dominno

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Dallas Dixon – Dallas Dixon

Dallas Dixon

Voluptuous Girl Dallas Dixon only modeled here at The SCORE Group. She never popped up in any other magazine, DVD or website. The wife of an encouraging breast-man, Dallas had no shyness about doing hardcore with porn-studs. In the "real world," Dallas worked in an office and lived a quiet life. Living the fast life of a porn star was not in her game plan.

"I live in a very conservative area so I usually keep them to myself. No one I know has recognized me since I started my modeling because I look completely different in pictures and videos. It kinda excites me to know I have my secret life. I always had secret fantasies about posing nude. My husband had no objections and loves seeing me naked in pictures."

Her husband doesn't want to screw other men's wives, or any girls, but he enjoyed seeing his big-chested wife get fucked in this scene, Dallas said. We're lucky he did or she wouldn't have done this.

When this scene was filmed, Dallas measured a whopping 44-36-40 and wore a 38DDD bra. She weighed 150 pounds and stood 5'5", wore a size 12 dress and a 9 shoe.

Dallas remembered the first time she had sex with a guy.

"We were performing mutual masturbation. He was rubbing his cock against my clit. It really felt good. The head of his penis slipped inside my pussy. I panted in his ear for him to keep going and put it all in. Even now, I masturbate, either with a 'friend' or alone."

Dallas Dixon

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Jana – Stacked And Serviced

Stacked And Serviced

"Tip?" sniffed Ballsac, the guest in this scene. "I do not give Jana ze Maid just ze tip. I give her ze entire cock!"

34F-cupper Jana is a maid with sex on her mind, not thoughts of cleaning up all the junk this guest has dumped in the room. She likes to use her mouth to vacuum the cum out of the balls of the horny guests with big cocks. Hopefully no one reports this to the Official Czech Tourist Agency.

Jana began in 2005 but she didn't look like this. She was slimmer and not nearly as busty. She packed on the flesh, the bigger tits and the curves over time. Now Jana's a brickhouse with massive mams. Our stylists and some of the other staff checked out Jana because they weren't sure her breast growth was natural. She was. Jana has trouble finding maid costumes that do not rip when she bends forward at the waist. That's why she often wears crotchless underwear. Her tits often fall out of her top.

Why Jana doesn't have a huge fan club to match her cup size is a mystery. Another mystery is how many women are named Jana in the Czech Republic. But our Jana, the biggest boobed Jana in Prague, can take consolation in the fact that she gets a lot of repeat guests in the block of rooms she doesn't clean.

Stacked And Serviced

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Lacy Love – First and Only XXX

First and Only XXX

Lacy Love is from Beckley, West Virginia. This was her first hardcore scene.

In everyday life, she likes to go out dressed like a cock teaser. "I wear low-cut tee-shirts, tight sweaters, tank tops, short, tight shorts, jeans and skirts, and always heels, the higher the better. I love jewelry and perfume. If a guy doesn't look at me, then I'm not doing something right."

Whether she's taking charge or being controlled in bed depends on the partner she has.

"It depends on the guy. Some guys I just have to jump on and give them the fucking of a lifetime and some guys just give it to me."

Lacy was a cheerleader who became an exotic dancer. She said her hobbies are being naked or getting naked (good hobbies), dancing, masturbation, energetic sex (an even better hobby) and shopping. Her first video was a masturbation scene in Busty Dildo Lovers #6.

"What I love most about being a stripper is seeing in a guy's face how much he'd like to fuck me. There's no bigger turn-on than seeing a guy get into me when I'm dancing in front of him and showing him my tits. The thing that really turns me on the most is sucking a guy off. That's my favorite thing to do. Blowjobs."

Lacy sucks her friend's cock for nearly five minutes so she wasn't just saying that sucking is her favorite thing to do for a guy.

First and Only XXX

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Bella Blaze – Smokin’ Hot

Smokin' Hot

Bella Blaze is so smokin' hot that it will take a facial in this SCORE scene to cool her down. Here's the deal with Bella. A bartender from Michigan, she's only been on the scene a few months, and when an agent pitched her, we had to wonder. Were her tits big enough to qualify her as a SCORE Girl? She's a 36DD which is bare minimum for us. Most of us here think that a DD is a training bra so we did something different and rarely done. We posed the question on our SCORELAND BLOG and asked readers if Bella looked like a SCORE Girl to them. A short blog video of Bella gave the guys a pretty good look at her bod. The result of the poll was that 82% voted yes, that Bella could make the grade. When Bella came in for her Naughty Neighbors shoot, we asked her to stick around for SCORE also.

Bella's blow job skills suck--in a good way--and she has fuck appeal. Bella loves music, dancing and traveling. "I am not really into fantasies or role-playing," said Bella. "I like sex, straight and forward." Colton here seems to have enjoyed ramming Bella and positioning her like a fuck doll. She inspires that. Bella is a screamer. She was loudest during a reverse cowgirl banging.

Smokin' Hot

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Harmony Heart – Trick & Treat

Trick & Treat

Tricks or Tits?

Harmony Heart is a little old to be trick or treating on Halloween night but her cave girl outfit gives her a free pass to do anything she pleases. Actually more women are dressing up in costumes these days than ever before. One look at her 36-26-36 body and you'd be ready to hand over the candy. A jungle sex-bomb, Harmony is looking for tricks. JMac offers her a treat but she doesn't like sucking lollipops. That's not the kind of sucking Harmony has in mind. She opens her mouth for a lollipop anyway while he screws her big tits before moving on to the other pleasures of a girl's body. Harmony sure knows how to suck on a guy's dick like it's a lollipop. It may be Halloween but it's Christmas for JMac.

"I didn't know I was so good giving blowjobs," says Harmony, who started at SCORE. "He said to me that he'd done lots of scenes with porn stars but that no one had sucked his cock as good as I did. That made me feel really good."

Harmony shot a few scenes and pictorials only at SCORE and, unfortunately, stopped modeling. Truly a shame to have lost such promising talent so quickly because she was a great looking cock-stiffener and her moves were horny.

Trick & Treat

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Maserati – Maserati XXX Is Busting Out For SeXXX

Maserati XXX Is Busting Out For SeXXX

It's quality rack time with the awesome Maserati in "Maserati XXX Is Busting Out For Sex." Sport fucking is the only sport the doe-eyed lovely seems to like. "I am a super girly-girl," Maserati told us. "Playing sports breaks nails! And yes, I always wear a bra! Even to bed! These things need to stay controlled!"

Maserati's big tits are breasts for the true boob connoisseur. "She is a performer that all other performers can take notes from!" comments one Maserati convert. One of the highest compliments you can give a model who is a porn-sex star is wanting to see her in solo pictorials and Brad does just that. "It seems kinda weird but as much as I love seeing Maserati fuck, I'd love to see her in more solo scenes. Obviously this goddess looks amazing in hardcore but she's just so fucking perfect I want to worship her solo as well!" No greater praise could be given than that.

In "Maserati XXX Is Busting Out For Sex." Maserati tells us about herself before she dances, strips and gives up her body to her fuck friend. "I am a super girly-girl. Playing sports breaks nails! I always wear a bra! Even to bed! These things need to stay controlled! I like to read on my Kindle. I buy Victoria's Secret thong panties. I don't have any weird fetishes or kinky interests. I lost my virginity to my first love in my bedroom at my family's house. My brother told on me and I was grounded for a month. I love having sex in public places. I did it with a date under a stairwell at a banquet during a baby shower. I almost have to cum twice in the morning and at night. I now have like five different vibrators!"

Maserati XXX Is Busting Out For SeXXX

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April McKenzie – Cummed-on Tits

Cummed-on Tits

This XXX video was one of April McKenzie's first. The first time April was filmed at SCORE, she did only solos. She went home, did some debating with herself about shooting hardcore, and decided to go for it. That burst the dam wide open, so to speak. When April did this scene with Johnny Rod, she also was in the middle of appearing in Pounding The Pledges with Gianna Rossi, Sabina Leigh, Ms. Panther and newcomer Tera Cox.

April was voted Voluptuous magazine's Newcomer of the Year for 2007. "I'm originally from Georgia, but I live in Tampa, Florida. I knew about Playboy and Hustler, but that's all I had even heard of. I didn't know about Voluptuous or any others, either. Someone told me about you, a good friend. Then I did some research and looked into it for myself. I looked you up on the Internet then sent in my photos to the studio manager. It's something I have wanted to do for a long time. Like my mom said when I was younger, 'If you've got it, why not flaunt it?'"

About halfway into this scene, Johnny power-drills April in doggie. She's propping herself up with her arms at an angle that lets the cameraman capture her big 36GG boobs hanging straight down, shaking and dangling as his thick dick stretches her pussy out.

"Doggie just feels especially good," said April. "The guy can go deeper into me that way and my G-spot and clit both get a lot of stimulation in that position. I'm not surprised that most women prefer it. But even though it's my favorite position, it's not the only one I like. It's better to mix things up and have the guy on top, then I'll get on top and then we'll do some doggie-style. I don't want just one position when there are so many ways to do it."

Over time, April got heavier and her tits grew even more massive so she started shooting for XL Girls instead. She did pregnant XXX and added anal to her sexual resume.

Cummed-on Tits

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