Felicia Clover – Big-Boobed Blind Date

Big-Boobed Blind Date

Redheads don't come and cum any cuter than Felicia Clover. An outdoorsy girl, Felicia likes to hike and swim but she likes indoor activities too. You're about to see one of her favorites. Felicia invites her blind date Jimmy into her bedroom and gives him the breast show of his life, then surprises him by parting her panties and pulling a string of pearls out of her pink slit! He makes a beeline for Felicia's big tits and marvels over them, giving them the attention they deserve. They both strip and get comfortable so Felicia can blow his cock with lovin' licks. It looks like this blind date has started with a big bang.

"I like missionary because the leverage is better for guys I think," says Felicia. "You know, in missionary with my legs in the air... and that way a guy can just pound me nice and hard. I love that."

"I love sex--a hard pounding and oral," Felicia says. "About my body, I think guys love my tits a little more than they love my ass, but a lot of guys have told me that because my breasts are so big, they make my butt look just a little bit smaller. I want to say that I was NOT the bustiest girl in high school, even though everyone thinks I was. I really wasn't."

Felicia has several candid videos at the SCORELAND Blog in which she talks about fucking, her big tits and her big, creamy PAWG (Phat Ass White Girl) butt that she likes getting filled with cock. "You know, a guy called me a 'Whooty' and I had to Google it and it means 'a white girl with a big booty.' So, I guess I am a Whooty."

Big-Boobed Blind Date

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Angelica Raven – If The Shoe Fits You Must Squeeze Her Tits

If The Shoe Fits You Must Squeeze Her Tits

Some girls have a "fuck-me" face regardless of their sex drives, sexual behavior and personality. Angelica Raven has that face. Angelica (first known as "Busty Becky" when she debuted at SCORE) goes to a shoe store and winds up getting fucked by the manager in his private office/fuck palace. Is this why guys open shoe and bra stores? Makes sense. An endless supply of women parade in and out of these shops. It's easy pickins.

"I usually make the first move," Angelica said in an interview. "I know, within five minutes of meeting a guy, whether or not I'll sleep with him; all I need to know is whether or not he wants me. If he does, I prefer to skip the bullshit and just go after what I want, although, I won't lie, I do enjoy teasing him for a little while beforehand. Half of the fun is in delaying the pleasure until the absolute breaking point. I find sex is much more rough and passionate that way. Just how I like it! Being nailed really hard, really fast, and really deep! I love rough sex and bondage, so the combination just drives me wild and makes me cum harder than anything you could ever imagine!"

The more we talked, the hotter Angelica talked, proving that all girls have a wild side, at least at some point in their lives, and that girls who get into porn have sex drives much higher than the average girl. That's what leads them into making porn in the first place. Treating them like princesses doesn't bring out their real heat. They'd rather fuck the rough stable-hand than the prince. They just won't say it.

"I love bondage! I love being dominated with a little light S&M, but I also love to dominate! I just have a tendency to get a little too rough when I'm in charge and most people are scared by that so I usually end up being the submissive one. Not that I'm complaining! I love being spanked. I love the occasional forced deep throat. I love talking dirty and being talked dirty to because I love the mental images combined with whatever I'm feeling at the moment."

Angelica dropped out of sight in 2004 and resurfaced in 2007, trimmer and slimmer than she was at SCORE but wilder than ever. Since then, Angelica's been in and out of porn--sometimes in, sometimes MIA.

If The Shoe Fits You Must Squeeze Her Tits

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Kali West – Push Into Kali’s Tush!

Push Into Kali's Tush!

Kali West! She is so hot. One of the prettiest SCORE Girl-next-doors. Her comely face, her cocksucker mouth, her tits, pussy and ass. Her legs and feet. Every inch is beautiful.

"I love to explore in the bedroom, so I've tried a couple of different things," Kali said. "I was surprised at first because I didn't think reverse-cowgirl would be great, then I tried it and I said, 'I like this position.'"

How did Kali get discovered?

"Somebody who worked for my agent recruited me off of MySpace. It was a regular MySpace page with a couple of photos. Just regular photos of me. Face pictures. I didn't have any body shots, so that was kind of funny. They didn't know what my body looked like. She messaged me and told me about posing and told me to come down and try it out, and I was like, 'Sure, why not?' I'm a spontaneous person. I like to try different things, so I figured I'd give it a try."

Before that agent's assistant contacted Kali, she had no interest in modeling, stripping or porn. This proves it's not really all that difficult to find potential models. It's just difficult to find good-looking girls with big tits who will model.

Kali goes old-school in her wardrobe for this anal love-in. She wears a sexy bra and panties with garters and stockings, a look that hasn't changed since the 1950s. She gives John a lap grind while he sits on the bed and tells him she wants a cock in her ass. He sucks and kisses her tits. She enjoys it, but she's getting anxious to be really warmed up and says she wants her pussy licked. She gets a loud cunt-slurping eat-out that turns her on.

"I want to taste your cock," says Kali, unzipping his pants. She jacks and hands-free sucks his cock. Kali could use a mouth-fucking, so she lies back on the bed, her pretty head slightly over the edge. Before they get to Kali's beautiful butthole, there must be some pussy fucking. Kali has a gorgeous pussy and it deserves a thumping. As Kali is getting dicked in her pussy from behind in doggie position, the time is now for her rounded tush to be spread open and pumped. Her asshole has been prepared for the cock, and now it's time.

Push Into Kali's Tush!

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Jessie Lee – German-Chinese Coed Takes The Cock

German-Chinese Coed Takes The Cock

Jessie Lee was a one-shot busenwunder, as they say in Germany. Jessie Lee's mother is German and her father is Chinese. Jessie, a waitress, saw some of our German-language editions (called Hot SCORE) and wrote a letter. The letter read, in part, "I am interested in modeling for magazines and videos. I don't know the first thing about how to do these things, but I am willing and able to do what you need." If only they could all be like Jessie. Our studio arranged for Jessie to visit a SCORE studio, this one in London, just to expedite the shoots.

Her father is Chinese and her mother is German so she has exotic, Eurasian features. She said her favorite way to satisfy a man is with cock sucking. (Jessie calls them "throat blow-ups.") This is the first and only time Jessie made a sex video with a guy. Jessie wasn't nervous at all, just eager to please. She seemed to get off looking at the camera a lot while Steve's dick thrusted in her pussy.

Did Jessie like the experience? "I just let myself be trained by Steve," said Jessie. "He guided me and told me what to do. I am very tight, but his cock felt good in me. I am a passive girl, and I don't have a lot of experience at home in Germany so I wanted to obey his directions. This kind of sex for photos is not like the kind of sex I have with a friend. I felt like I should not be doing it. That made it more exciting to me and made me want to do it more."

Sadly, Jessie never made another video and SCORE never heard from her again. It was wild oats time for Jessie, and off she went. Sometime we ask ourselves if these girls are using us. Hopefully, the answer is yes.

German-Chinese Coed Takes The Cock

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Desiree – The Creamy Redhead & The Black Buttmaster

The Creamy Redhead & The Black Buttmaster

How do you feel about cheating wives or cheating girlfriends? Cheating wives are so bad they're good. And that's very good.

Redheaded bra-buster Desiree is a Voluptuous Girl who returned ten years after a one-hit solo debut in 2001. Desiree was a tourist on Pompano Beach, Florida when one of our photographers walked over to her and gave her his card.

In this nasty knocker-knocking, Desiree pairs up with Assante, opening her cunt and asshole for his large black fuck-stick. Desiree wasn't kidding around when she said she planned to make up for lost time.

Desiree says fucking at SCORE with professional cocksmen has actually amped up her sex life. "A lot of guys can't keep up with me," Desiree told us. "They cum too fast, or they don't want to have sex when I do. It was no fun for me. The guys I sleep with can't even last like two minutes in my vagina. They never even tit-fucked me. There is no way that those guys can try and fuck my ass!" Big things are ahead for this curvy redhead!

On this day, Desiree gets a phone call while she waits to head out for the evening with her husband. He can't pick her up so he sends his employee Assante to pick her up and drive her to him. That suits Desiree just fine because he's fucked her before. They haven't seen each other in a year and his jizz-shooter gets hard seeing her huge 36F tits ready to plop out of her tight tank top. They decide to get some sex time in before they do the drive. Desiree lays back on the couch to have her cunt eaten and her nipples sucked. She wants to fuck his chocolate bar so bad she can taste it and she does, spitting and licking it to rock-hardness.

The couch is too small so they head to the bedroom. He undresses Desiree completely naked and barefoot, and she gets on him in reverse cowgirl position. But instead of going into her P-hole first, he inserts his cunt-wedge right into her asshole. "Oh yeah...fuck," mutters Desiree, her anal zone invaded by his meat missile. This bitch and her butt crack is his. All Desiree can moan is "fuck...fuck...fuck," over and over, like the plaything she is, as his tool mercilessly stretches her lovely anus. "The Creamy Redhead & The Black Buttmaster" is based on a true story. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

The Creamy Redhead & The Black Buttmaster

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Cindy Cupps – The Cleavage Clinic

The Cleavage Clinic

You've seen this story a thousand times before on TV shows such as ER, Chicago Hope, St. Elsewhere, Scrubs, Ben Casey, Dr. Kildare, Dr. Who and Marcus Welby, M.D.

Yet it begged for a remake so SCORE decided to tackle this sensitive subject.

While examining this video, the daydream of walking into the clinic where Nurse Kandi Cox is tending to patient Cindy Cupps and yelling "I'm a doctor! Let me through!" is very strong.

So here are the facts: Stacked Florida brunette needs a routine physical. Click-clacks on her high heels and bounces into the SCORE Medical Clinic. Mature nurse relocated from Vegas and in need of orgasms begins to take the vitals, like height, weight, etc., when they are both afflicted with big boob medical madness. This condition causes wet panties, erect nipples and snapped bra-straps.

In a few minutes, Kandi is licking Cupps's pussy and using a tongue depressor made by our friend the esteemed Doc Johnson. Now you would think that Kandi Cox would have been the assertive gal from the get-go. But no, Cindy (in her first girl-girl) is the one putting on the strap-on and giving Nurse Cox a hard fuck. A deep one too. That thing's an eight-incher. (For the record, Cindy considers herself sexually assertive.)

Just about everything two big-titted broads can do to each other is accomplished. Both Cindy and Kandi are satisfied with the results. This is better than Obamacare.

The Cleavage Clinic

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Angelina Verdi – Butt Missile For A Busty Bimbo

Butt Missile For A Busty Bimbo

Charming bra-stretcher Angelina Verdi is a big-breasted woman who knows exactly what she wants a man to do to her big tits, mouth, cunt and asshole.

Angelina talks about herself and she describes how she likes her big boobs to be treated, using her own hands first to show us. Then the appropriately-named Joey Hogger arrives to give Angelina what she wants.

First, lots of attention paid to her nipples and jugs. Returning the favor, Angelina assumes the position on hands and knees to treat him to her mouth moves, taking cock deeply down her throat, licking, sucking and kissing the bloated beef as her tits dangle. He straddles her chest so she can give him a healthy tit-job.

Hogger licks her cunt to tickle her clit and lube her for easy insertion. They fuck and while she rides his bologna pony on top, tells him to fuck her asshole. She has prepared her anus for a fill-up, her first time on video. He bangs her ass in reverse cowgirl and in doggie for deeper thrusts.

Angelina wants to suck his dick, and asks him to pull out and bring it over to her mouth so she can "taste her ass." "Taste her ass." These words make a man want to cry tears of joy.

Angelina gives him a sloppy BJ and hand-job. Her mouth full of cock, she is unable to answer when Hogger asks her how her ass tastes. She strokes and blows his meat when, with a groan, he spurts his man-juice out all over her tits. She hungrily swallows as much nut-slop as she can.

All in all, we were impressed by busty Angelina's sexual talents. She's also managed so far to stay out of the greasy clutches of the numerous porn producers who study and imitate what SCORE does. In fact, we haven't seen Angelina at all since this scene was shot. That's the big tit porn lover's loss.

Butt Missile For A Busty Bimbo

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Toni Evans – Big Brit Tit Sex

Big Brit Tit Sex

The great Brit fuck star Toni Evans (also known as Kirstyn Halborg and a bunch of other names) gets fucked by Alberto first, then filthy Euro porn dude Pascal joins in and they work Toni over until she's pounded senseless and covered in jizz. Now that's a happy ending.

Toni was once interviewed by Linzi Drew, wife of Brit porn man Ben Dover (Ben Dover Does The Boob Cruise 1997). Linzi herself appeared in 30something magazine (SP 38) and was also on the Boob Cruise in '97.

"I literally woke up one day and had double-Ds," Toni recalled. "At the age of nine, I was in a B-cup bra. I came in for such stick at school. I got beaten up and everything.

"I think my first shoot was a normal topless shoot for The Sport newspaper. I hated posing for those photos. I'd come up to London to stay with some friends and it just went from there. The more I stayed in London, the more wild I became. The more eccentric I became. The more outgoing I became. I wasn't like one of these girls who'd be going round flashing my tits everywhere, but I would always wear the most provocative, the most see-through outfit I could get away with.

"To me the biggest kick was getting in there and getting all glammed-up, getting on-set and getting shagged. Not thinking of the camera. Now looking back if I'd had thought too much about the camera I probably would never have done it. It is hard when you are in this business because normal people don't fuck like us, don't talk like us, don't act like us. Our whole lives are completely different.

"I love D.P.'s. It's true. Because you just get triple orgasms all the time. It really is amazing. Do you know, I say this to any woman hand-on-heart; you've got to do it. You've just got to do it once in your life so you know."

Toni is now a modeling agent placing girls in porn films. She meets girls wherever she goes.

"I usually say; 'Do you fancy earning some extra cash?' and then I ask them if they've got a boyfriend. Boyfriends are usually trouble. I say: 'Are you into fun and are you open-minded?' Open minded is the key word, I find. I know from experience if they're cute, open-minded and have got a sense of humor that's a great combination to make a top porno star!"

Big Brit Tit Sex

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Beverly Paige – Cream-Filled Freshman

Cream-Filled Freshman

The big-breasted universe bestows another bodacious bounty of boob blessings upon us all. Beverly Paige was a fresh-faced, voluptuously-built 20-year-old from California when she fucked and sucked at the SCORE studio. Beverly loves to travel, take photos, dance and play Twister. She used to be a cheerleader and she's full of energy with a happy, cheery personality.

"By the time I was in high school, I couldn't take gym because my boobs were too big," said Beverly. "So there was a time that I hated my big boobs. Because I had strict parents and because of my boobs, they wouldn't let me go anywhere. I couldn't have boyfriends. I couldn't wear the cutesy, little tank tops that all my friends could. I couldn't find a swimsuit that fit. I couldn't find a dress for prom. But now, I buy custom bras and custom dresses. Now I have a better idea of how to dress. I've learned to embrace my curves as a woman, instead of trying to hide them all the time."

Even though she was only 20 years old at the time, Beverly claimed she had no sexual fantasies. "I did them already!" Beverly said. Mr. Largo had nothing he could teach Beverly about worship of the cock that this pretty bra-buster didn't know already! "You can't just put a cock in your mouth. That's like a guy putting his fingers in you and that's it. You need suction without teeth. You need to use your hands and lick the right places. You have to look at your partner and see what he likes and what is turning him on."

"I am very traditional in my gender roles. I love cock. It's my favorite. I love it. I believe that women should be submissive and men should be dominant. But it all depends on the person you are with. I can dominate women and be very submissive with men. Because it is very hard for me to dominate a man."

Cream-Filled Freshman

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Ivy – Head Nurse

Head Nurse

On October 16th, 2000, a naturally big boobed woman named Ivy from Rochester, New York entered the SCORE Studio. Ivy was a topless dancer at The Barrel of Dolls and the Klassy Kat in Rochester. Both clubs are still in business. She wanted to try photo modeling and wrote The SCORE Group.

5'3" tall and weighing 125 pounds, Ivy's measurements were 40-26-36. Her bra size was 40DD. She had a stacked body with perfect curves. Her big tits were, in a word, magnificent.

This was Ivy's first time modeling. At first, she was very nervous and awkward, which is normal, even for exotic dancers who perform in front of dozens of strangers every night. In time, she got the hang of it.

For relaxation, Ivy liked steam baths and getting and giving massages. Blue collar bad boys made her wet. "I had a lousy lover when I was a virgin so the sex was terrible," Ivy confessed. "But with each lover, the sex got better. My most unusual sexual experience was when I worked at a marina. I had an encounter with a man in the bathhouse during my 15 minute break.

In her first and last hardcore scene shot a few years later, Ivy played a nurse who used her huge tits on her patient. She was too bashful to make any more XXX scenes. Ivy was fine with nudity, nude dancing and masturbation with big toys but real sex with a guy on-camera was not for her. So all that exists is this rare video, sadly enough. But at least we have this scene.

Head Nurse

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