Olarita – Big-Boobed Cum Lover

Big-Boobed Cum Lover

Olarita's back from a hiatus from porn and eager to get back into the swing of cock in a brand-new scene, "Big-Boobed Cum Lover." Olarita has lost none of her man-pleasuring skills.

If you have an excellent memory for big-boobed European porn girls, you may remember Olarita from 2007, a brunette who fucked for Voluptuous in the sensitively-titled SCOREVideo, "Massage Parlor Whore" and Jilled-off with a vibrator in two other videos.

The brunette Czech's a woman-next-door type with a big butt and big tits and no visible tats or piercings like so many newer girls today. The kind you'd see at the market or working at an ordinary job, never suspecting she fucks strangers in porn videos. The only difference between then and now is that Olarita has gained some weight and she's shaved off the grand muff she sported back then.

Olarita's paired off with Bruce in her comeback. She swallows and licks his shaft and balls, takes a dicking between her big natural boobs and spreads her shaved pussy for his tongue. (European porn dudes always go down on their fuck mates with few exceptions.)

After finger-banging Olarita and fucking her face and big, floppy tits again, Bruce plants Olarita face down ass up and drives her home in doggie and reverse cowgirl. She opens her mouth again for his hard-on and sucks it some more. They resume fucking, this time in missionary, one leg on his shoulder for deeper penetration. He busts a nut on her big jugs and sticks his cum-dripping cock back in her mouth because Olarita hasn't had any lunch since they got together for this date and he is a considerate dude.

Big-Boobed Cum Lover

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Jemstone – Receptive Receptionist

Receptive Receptionist

In this SCORE Classic scene, Jemstone is doing what most British secretaries do (talking on her mobile and playing with her big boobs). She's a part-time receptionist at SCORE's offices with many responsibilities, such as chatting and texting with her hot girlfriends, wearing her designer sunglasses on her head like a tiara and adjusting her panties (or knickers since Jemstone is English).

Lee arrives with a heavy load he needs to drop. A watercooler technician with extensive experience handling heavy jugs, Lee pops a boner when he sees Jemstone rubbing one out at work. He decides that Jemstone should be trained in new positions far beyond basic entry-level secretarial work. It looks like getting fucked is on Jemstone's immediate schedule. In the absence of a couch, the desk will do as they screw in steamy positions that show off her tits. Jemstone graciously jacks Lee off and catches his nut on her tongue, her dirty-talking mouth going at full speed.

British SCORE Men may have seen Jemstone with porn star Cathy Barry on the Vanessa Felts TV show talking about making adult movies. "I decided from an early age that this would be my fate," Jemstone said. This scene also appears on DVD in Busty Cock Rock. That's Daphne Rosen introducing this video. Jemstone is still in action today.

Receptive Receptionist

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Desiree – “Jerk Off In My Face”

"Cum on my face," moans Desiree. "Cum all over my face."

Do not keep a hot lady waiting when she requests your jack sauce.

Desiree looks at you and plays with her big natural tits and panty-clad snatch. She rubs her clit but what she wants is a boner fucking her pussy and her face. Feed her your meat, then ram her good and empty the contents of your bloated balls straight into her face. As a side-benefit, Desiree will appreciate the moisturizing properties of man-juice on female skin.

Desiree became a porn star because she wanted to get fucked hard and good by professional studs with big dicks who know how to screw women.

"A lot of guys can't keep up with me." Desiree candidly revealed. Let's face it. It's no fun for a sexy, good-looking woman with big boobs to admit in public that the guys she dated and fucked were duds. They didn't know proper tit-fucking either. A woman like Desiree needs hard men to give her satisfaction. She was not getting it and masturbation is not the solution.

"They cum too fast, or they don't want to have sex when I do. It was no fun for me. The guys I sleep with can't even last like two minutes in my vagina. They never even tit-fucked me. There is no way that those guys can try and fuck my ass!"

So what was the answer? Porn! Safe sex under comfortable conditions with professional cocksmen whose job it is to provide female satisfaction. And better paying than slaving away for low wages working for an asshole boss.

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Anastasia – Anastasia


Anastasia was going for a graduate degree when a SCORE photographer roaming Europe in search of big boobs spotted her. "If my classmates knew I model like this, I know the boys would perceive me differently and would, I am sure, try harder to get me into their beds," Anastasia told him, a factoid he duly noted in his log. "Some of my professors would try also. I would expect it. I keep my little secret and do not speak of it. This far, no one has recognized me and if they did, they would not be absolutely certain it is me." That's true. Most people would have a difficult time actually recognizing a girl from a porn video (unless we're talking Kayla Kleevage), and if they did, it would mean they were watching porn, right?

At the time, a 23 year-old Czech measuring a natural 40-26-38, Anastasia posed nude, spread her angel wings and stuck the toys in deep, then tried a fuck scene with a local stud.

"I wanted to try it once, at least," Anastasia told him afterwards. "I see that so many beautiful girls are making porn and they enjoy it. They would be having sex anyway, right? There is no longer the shame and guilt from years ago. I had much fun making this."

Another college girl aided by the SCORE Scholarship Fund. Our motto: A behind is a terrible thing to waste.


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Missy – Anal Cream For A Blonde Cum Collector

Anal Cream For A Blonde Cum Collector

In 2004, Missy Monroe was a 19-year-old student who became an 18Eighteen model. Her tits were 34D, very buxom for an 18Eighteen Girl who are usually B-cups or less. Her bustline was 39-inches. The green-eyed blonde spread her pussy and butthole in magazine layouts and got fucked in a locker room scene. After that, Missy went off to porn city in California to seek fame and fortune.

Time passes. Missy becomes a well-known porn star, often seen at adult entertainment expos.

And now, Missy's back at The SCORE Group. Bustier. Even hotter.

Her bustline is now 44 inches and she wears a 36F-cup bra. Yes, Missy is all grown up. She even likes to get cock in her ass. It's enough to make a SCORE veteran cry.

"I love anal play," says Missy.

"Anal Cream For A Blonde Cum Collector" starts off with Missy leaning over and talking dirty to the camera, addressing us as perverts. Exactly the kind of introduction that creates a warm glow. Missy is wearing a low-cut top and her cleavage is nice and exposed. Her stud order is filled when Tony saunters in and buries his face in her ass-crack.

Missy swallows Tony's cock, something that you'd expect after all that time in Los Angeles porn. He tit-fucks Missy and then they move over to the couch so Missy can ride his saddle in cowgirl. She flips around and continue to make his dick a pogo-stick, this time in reverse-cowgirl.

Missy turns on her side and Tony slides his joint into Missy's asshole. It glides in easily to the hilt. While he pumps Missy's butthole, she rubs her clit hard and fast. Missy gets on her knees for even deeper anal penetration. Her asshole gapes wide when he pulls out. It's a scenic view, worthy of a postcard. But they are not done with Missy's tush and cunt just yet.

Reunited and it feels so good.

Anal Cream For A Blonde Cum Collector

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Anna D. Caans – Texas Tease Takes Tool In Tight Twat

Texas Tease Takes Tool In Tight Twat

Girl-next-door Anna D. Caans (get it?) was discovered by SCORE at the 2002 Adult Video News Expo in Las Vegas. Two staff members spotted her and gave her a business card. She called and this scene was one of two Anna made. The other scene was a dildo show. Anna was 22-years-old at the time.

Anna's fresh-scrubbed look can fool you. This girl is a dirty girl and wanted to do everything sexually she possibly could. Anna told us during her stay at SCORELAND that getting into adult modeling was something she heavily researched before diving into. She only did it part-time because she was a theater major in college in Austin, Texas.

To make extra money, Anna danced at a nude bar in Texas. The D.J. there steered her to a local videographer to start her off in porn. After that, Anna found that the adult conventions were a good place to make professional contacts. True enough. Anna said that she was in it for the long run but that didn't happen and Anna didn't continue her porn path even though she had a real talent for pleasing the cock.

Texas Tease Takes Tool In Tight Twat

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Veronica Rayne – Gimme An F

Gimme An F

Every man into tits and pussies has his go-to fantasy girl. There's the hot maid, usually in a little hot French maid costume. There's the nurse who can do whatever she wants to do to you. There's the cop, the teacher, the businesswoman, the waitress, the schoolgirl, the store clerk.

And then there's the cheerleader as enacted by Veronica Rayne in "Gimme An F." Cheerleaders are wet dream queens. If this is your favorite F-Girl, she has been in your brain for a very long time.

You're the jock with a hard cock. Veronica is the professional sports cheerleader. You know the type. You see them on television. They work for pro basketball and football teams and dance at the home games. They have a regular job and cheer and dance part-time. They're older than the college pom-pom girls. Their average age is 25 but some have been as old as 42-years-old. They are all in excellent shape, flexible, limber and energetic with tight pussies and assholes. They don't make a lot of money cheerleading but for Veronica, sucking the players' cocks and getting fucked and cummed-on is enough reward for her.

Veronica is on her knees sucking you off after the big game. She milks your skin flute with her big tits, savoring your male power. Hard dicks make her pussy wet. So wet she has to mount your cock and ride until her brains are fucked out. Then you can jizz her. That will cool her off until next week's game.

Gimme An F

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Anita Agni – Polish Princess Polishes Purple Pole

Polish Princess Polishes Purple Pole

Anita Agni was a very pretty, free-spirited chick from Poland visiting England. She was from Elblag, a town along the Elblag River, not far from the Russian border. While Ines Cudna, Anna Yota and Bea Flora from Poland made much bigger names for themselves around the same time, Anita was happy to make a few videos (one with Brit blonde Alicia Rhodes), pose for several photo spreads and head back home to Poland, never to model again. What a waste! Anita had a beautiful body and great big natural boobs. With no tats, a whisper of pussy hair and measurements of 42-26-36, Anita was 20 years old when she fucked in this video. She even took Lee's big English dick in her tight butthole.

Polish Princess Polishes Purple Pole

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Lolly Ink – Into the Pink of Miss Ink

Into the Pink of Miss Ink

What do you see when you look at Lolly Ink?

Lolly Ink's very sexy, slim and stacked body and big jutting tits on a tiny body attract a ton of attention. The phrase "sex on heels" is the first thing that comes to mind. The second thing that comes to mind is the mental image of Lolly sucking and riding your dick. She's great at pleasuring hard cock.

"I always like to surprise a guy with a sexy, new outfit, followed by a striptease. I love playing dress-up," says Lolly.

Lolly's fuck partner can't keep his paws off Lolly's body. For this sex date, Lolly is wearing her tightest mini-dress, little white panties and spike heels. He buries his face between Lolly's big boobs and then between her legs to lap at her pink slit.

He pulls his cock out of his jeans and sticks it straight into Lolly's mouth. No time for small talk. There's sucking to do. This is a quiet couple focused on the sucking and fucking and not on any dirty talking. He lifts Lolly's shapely legs straight up and slips off her panties while she blows his fuck-tool, making popping and smacking sounds with her lips. Those sounds add to the thrill of seeing Lolly with her mouth bulging full of cock. With Lolly's panties off and her legs spread for the camera, we can see her pussy rubbed and fingered as she keeps her lips busy on the cock.

Lolly slaps her tits with his salami-stick, then Tony dick-taps Lolly's tits before face-fucking Lolly, his hands holding the back of her pretty head. The image of Lolly sucking his woodie with her legs wide open and shaved pussy exposed should be taught in photographic composition classes.

Tony arranges Lolly in a doggie position. He licks Miss Ink's pink, pink pussy from underneath her and gets it wetter, then puts her on her back and shoves his flesh-drill into her smooth cunt to start the pump. She is a hot little fuck-doll. Becoming a porn star gives her access to all the big cocks she craves in a safe environment.

Did Lolly see her previous SCORE videos? "Stackhouse Blonde" was her first scene at SCOREVideos and "Cream In The Pink Of Lolly Ink" was her first SCORELAND scene.

"Yes, I loved them and so did my fans."

Did she see them alone or with someone?

"Alone, always, at least the very first time."

Has she had sex watching her scenes?

"No, never, but I'll watch other people's scenes and have sex."

Into the Pink of Miss Ink

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Lily Valentine – Cock For The Cookie Of A Canadian Cutie

Cock For The Cookie Of A Canadian Cutie

Sadly for our dicks, Lily Valentine did not model very much. We found Mademoiselle Valentine in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and after some arrangements with her modeling agency, our team traveled to snowy Montreal. The chalet was in a remote location, a great place to be trapped with this totally gorgeous and sexy girl. Lily is slim with big, floppy hangers and a beautiful body. No wonder guys go fucking crazy over her.

"I like a man to spend a lot of time kissing and licking my tits," says Québécoise Lily who is about to fuck her close Canadian friend Jacques Strap in this video. "Licking my pussy for a long time is also good. Then when we fuck, we fuck hard and for a long time. I like to be dominated with a lot of good penetration and deep thrusting."

Following their hot fuck, we've added some segments of Lily's first and only interview. It's in French--Lily does not speak English--so a translator did the honors. She is a very sweet girl as this interview proves.

Not long after filming, Lily left adult modeling. We'd hoped to film her again but she was no longer available. As the citizens of Quebec would say, "Quelle dommage--what a shame!"

Cock For The Cookie Of A Canadian Cutie

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